Nintendo unveils the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL

Here’s the new systems:


And here’s the existing 3DS and 3DS XL:


…Notice the differences?

No, I didn’t think you could XD

Hot off the heels of Nintendo’s recent announcement they will focus on just making Hardcore Games, as one person on Gamespot put it they really need to fire whoever’s in charge of naming the systems:

I immediately thought of this while I was getting the logos:


…New concept for an old idea. Nothing wrong with this of course but in the case of the consoles, Gamespot hit the nail on the head: This will cause alot of confusion for the casuals looking to buy one of the 3DS Family Consoles. Same thing happened with the DS Family Consoles and the Wii/Wii U!


Let’s go over what makes the N3DS different from the 3DS:

  • Extra buttons
  • More powerful CPU
  • Micro SD Card Support (not yet known if this is in addition the SD Card or replacing it)
  • N3DS Exclusive Games
  • Interchangable Covers

That’s it.

I won’t mince words: The N3DS is designed to prettymuch replace the 3DS.

I’m fine with that. 8 years ago, I traded in my DS Lite for a DSi, after all. I only have two concerns: Data transfer between the 3DS and N3DS and Nintendo ID transfer. I found out when I got my second 3DS last year only one Nintendo ID be used per 3DS-Wii U paired console. That meant when I got my second 3DS I had to make a new Nintendo ID. I don’t have this problem with my Vita and PSPs or my iPad and iPod. Nintendo needs to address this preferably before the N3DS launches.

Speaking of which, the N3DS and N3DSXL comes to North America sometime next year. The N3DS will sell for around $154 while the N3DSXL will sell for around $180. I converted the yen price the USD but that seems pretty accurate.

It goes without saying 3DS games are 100% compatible with the N3DS/N3DSXL. The announcement the Wii-exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles (which I have and only played for a few hours when I first got it XD) is being ported to the N3DS. This opens the door to the possability of SNES, Game Boy Advance and possibly even Gamecube games coming to the N3DS so…yeah.

As I said above though, the N3DS will replace the 3DS by design. We still don’t know most of the specs for the N3DS but it’s basically the Wii U equivalent of the 3DS. Nintendo’s shifting focus to cater to hardcore gamers is hopefully a sign of good things to come. Nintendo started making games geared towards casuals with the DS and WIi just before the mobile gaming market exploded. Now that things have leveled off, they’re going to focus on just their base consumers.

As for me, I need way more information about the N3DS before I can make a decision. My main concerns (Data Transfer and Nintendo ID) need to be addressed before I decide. The upside to this: The price of the 3DS will nosedive. I have two already but then again, I DID just buy a Nintendo DSi from Gamestop earlier this month. Nintendo still makes Nintendo DS games so it’s not like you won’t be able to buy new games for it anytime soon XD






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