My thoughts on Ghostcrawler’s controversial comments about World of Warcraft


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Folks have been talking about it for two weeks now but MMO-Champion recently compiled all of his recent comments on WoW into one feed. Let’s just say Ghostcrawler couldn’t wait any longer to burn his bridges with Blizzard. While I’m sure his thoughts on the subject were already known to Blizzard long before he left the company, I think this is the kind of thing that would’ve been better kept under wraps.

Here are the main points I got from his talking points:

  • “I was asked to make WoW in a way that would appeal to a wide audience.”
  • “I was tasked with opening the game to casuals even though I’m a hardcore raider at heart.”
  • “I’m glad I finally left Blizz. I was sick of having to cater to casuals.”
  • “Only hardecore players should be allowed to do Raiding period.”
  • “Based on comments to this it sounds like people are confusing my definition of Accessibility with Difficulty.”
  • “WoW has been dumbed down for the Casuals.”

…Wow. Just wow.

No doubt the Elitist Jerks are thrilled to hear him say it. Not saying his opinion’s wrong but given he works for League of Legends now you’d think he’d have more class and respect for his former co-workers and keep this to himself.  To say this is a bombhsell would be an understatement. More so given Warlords of Draenor goes live in November. No doubt the brass at Riot will use his commentary as fuel to pull people away from WoW to LoL.

I look forward to seeing Blizzard’s response to this. And you can be sure they will comment on it. Hopefully sooner than later. Ghostcrawler must know that. Now I will go over each of his talking points in order from above:

  1. It’s an MMO. That’s the point. You want the game to make money longterm, you do what needs to be done.
  2. Then Blizzard made a mistake in hiring him. I’m glad I waited until now before commenting. Now I have the full picture: As far as I’m concerned, GC’s no different from Vocal Minority I’ve been talking about both here and on MMO-Champion. When he was first hired by Blizzard, I remember alot of people calling him a sellout. He was one of the vocal minority back in the day. Then for some stupid reason Blizzard decides to hire him. He could’ve been the bridge but instead he turned his back on even his own base. I doubt Blizzard will ever allow a second Ghostcrawler to join their staff.
  3. Yet he didn’t have a problem taking their money for 8 years. Like anyone’s gonna seriously buy this crap.
  4. OPINION. Your vision of what WoW Raiding should look like and Blizzard’s were obviously two different thinngs from the start. I get that now. That said, I’m glad Blizzard pushed back HARD when Cata was current. Oh wait: Remember who was the spokesperson at the time? Yep, Ghostcrawler. Look: I consider myself a Raider. At the ssame time–and this is something the Elitist Jerks refuse to let sink in–not everyone plays WoW for a living. Wrath of the Lich King today remains the ONLY Expansion where I raided all the tiers when they were current throughout. I started playing WoW late Burning Crusade. Dragon Soul was the only Raid I did when it was current and only because of LFR, which the Elitist Jerks consider the beginning of the end of Raiding even though like LFD it’s 100% optional. I have also only done the first tier of raiding in MoP. And I did all those raids with multiple characters. So I don’t DARE let anyone tell me I don’t take my raiding seriously.
  5. Again: PURE HYPOCRISY given he was head of the creative team from Burning Crusade to Mists of Pandaria and apparently some of Warlords of Draenor. As mentioned above, LFR (introduced at the end of Cataclysm) and by extension LFD (Introduced mid-WotLK) opened up the instances to more players. The one thing both have in common is they are both 100% optional. I can probably spend 3-5 Blog posts talking about why LFR/LFD was necessary but I know that’d be a waste of my time. Accessibility means you make it so folks willing to put in the effort can see and do the content. If you don’t want to work for it, you don’t deserve to see it. No arguement there. On the other hand, Difficulty speaks to those looking for an extra challenge. This is why the Heroic Difficulty (now Mythic) was introduced. It’s there for those who want the extra challenge. The problem–and by the way this is an even bigger problem with console gamers–is they’re so used to playing on the hardest difficulty for so long, they feel it’s the only one that matters. Anyone below their level doesn’t deserve to play with them and that’s what I have a problem with.
  6. See #1-#5. No further comment necessary.


All in all, Ghostcrawler is a sellout and a hypocrite. No doubt his fans and his base in both LoL and WoW will consider the backlash hatin’. I also expect Riot to use his comments in a smear campaign. It goes without saying even if he didn’t mean to, he dealt a black eye to his former employer. If Blizzard had any sense they’d respond more heavy-handedly than they have thus far.


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