The 64GB PS Vita Memory Card: The last one you’ll EVER Need


In case you’re wondering yes, it does exist, yes, it is a Japanese import and most importantly YES, it WILL work on a US Vita =D

Originally selling for $135, the 64GB Vita memory card (of which you get 59GB to work with) now sells for $90 to $100. Shipping costs are not included in that figure and yes, it’s online only. In hindsight it’s better than paying the same amount for a 32GB Vita memory card.

Of course, it made sense for me to get one given I use my Vita for more than just playing video games.  Both Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate are Digital Only so…yeah. My PS3 is almost at capacity (About 10GB left after my current download finishes) and unlike with my 360 I won’t go crazy downloading movies and anime to my Vita. I am trying to fill out my Blu-Ray library, after all.

If you’re getting a Vita between now and the end of the year, the 16GB one I just replaced (of which you get 14GB to work with) should be fine. That will cover a good 5 to 8 Vita games, 10 to 15 PS One Games and 7 to 12 PSP Games. It goes for about $30 nowadays.

This is of course assuming you load it with just games. TV Episodes range from 225MB to 500MB for Standard Definition and 1GB to 3GB for HD. Movies are usually 750MB to 1.5GB for Standard Definition and 5GB to 12GB for HD. Those things will eat up your storage if you’re not careful. What I do to get around that is buy the Movie or Show/Anime on DVD/Blu-Ray if it’s one I like.


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