Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (Nintendo 3DS)

Almost a year after its release, I made the time to finish the game. I prettymuch avoided going to Court Records until I finished the game to avoid spoiling myself. I did the first case when I first got the game and then ended my Pokemon retirement a few days later. Fast forward to last month: I did cases 2 through 5 and the bonus DLC case as well.

Like AA4 (Apollo Justice’s game), the five story cases have a connection to each other. If you were to arrange them in order by timelime, this would be the ordering of the cases:

  1. DLC Case (Wright’s first case since getting disbarred)
  2. Case 2 (Athena and Simon introduced)
  3. Case 3 (The Dark Age of the Law is discussed)
  4. Case 1 (Psychotherapy introduced)
  5. Case 4 (Apollo’s reasons for leaving the agency revealed)
  6. Case 5 (Why Simon is a convict is revealed)

Phoenix Wright returns to the Defendant’s bench alongside Apollo Justice and new attorney Athena Cykes.

There are mega spoilers but I will reveal some of them here to help those who may not have played AA4 or AA5 but have played the first 3 AA games understand:

  • Prior to the events of AA4, Phoenix Wright presented fabricated evidence in court and was disbarred as a result.
  • Seven years prior to the start of AA5, Simon Blackquill is convicted of the murder of Athena’s mother at the Space Center where Cases 4 and 5 take place.
  • Wright’s disbarring and Blackquill’s conviction ushered in the Dark Age of the Law. It is an age where “the end justifies the means” in court.
  • With help from new Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, Wright gets his attorney’s badge back. He and Edgeworth set a plan in motion to bring the Dark Age to an end, overturn Balckquill’s conviction and the truth back to the courtroom.

…I won’t spoil any more than that.

As mentioned above, Miles Edgeworth returns in the final case. As Chief Prosecutor he would only get involved in big cases of national significance. Circumstances have forced Edgeworth to personally get involved not just because of the case but to help get his subordinate’s conviction overturned. Klavier Gavin appears in the third case to help Apollo and Athena with the case at Themis Academy. Klavier and Apollo participate in a mock trial during the case and it’s revealed Klavier is a graduate of Themis Academy. Pearl Fey appears in Case 5 as well as the DLC case. She looks just like Maya did in the first game but doesn’t do any channeling.

The biggest complaint I’ve seen at Court Records about this game wasn’t the anticlimatic ending to case 5 but the fact that Athena plays a significant role in all five cases. I get the hardcore Wright fans but unlike the aforementioned ending to the final case, her role in each case didn’t feel forced. Hints were dropped in Cases 1 and 3 so…yeah. AA5 introduces video cutscenes to the series. After you clear the five main cases you can watch them anytime.

I give the game an 8/10.

The anticlimatic ending felt forced as did the premise behind the DLC case’d ending.

The door has been blown open for spinoff games or possibly even AA6. It would be crazy for Capcom to not do an AA6 at this point. That reminds me: AA5 is available via the 3DS eShop or as a mobile game via iTunes. The mobile version comes with just the first case. The rest you’ll have to pay for. The eShop version costs $30 and the DLC case is $5. it is a digital download only so you’ll want to have an 8GB or 16GB Memory Card to fit it on.

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