Review: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (PS Vita)

Ok, so what happens when the cast of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition (PS Vita) and Samurai Warriors Chroncles (Nintendo 3DS) are put in the same game? You get Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate that’s what.



Everyone in the above picture is a playable character. Not only that, you have Ryu Hyabusa (Ninja Gaiden) and characters from both the Dead or Alive (Techmo) and Soul Calibur games (Namco) as well as Joan of Arc and Achillies thrown in just for the hell of it. I got Warriors Orochi 3 for the Xbox 360 when it was current so I already know what Wo3U’s story mode has in store for me. Wo3U includes a few extra characters just for the hell of it. You’re looking at well over 200 playable characters in this game.

…Only Koei.

I think I said this when I reviewed Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends (PS3 and Vita) but the Warriors games are the type of games alot of gamers tend not to admit to loving. You’re basically a human lawnmower in theses games. So simple yet so fun =D

Ultimate introduces Duel Mode where you can pit the heroes you unlock in Story Mode against each other with Tekken Tag Tournament and Soul Calibur-style mechanics. The difference is instead of being 1 on 1 it’s 3 on 3. All participants have their own health bars and musou bars. Lots of fun to be had, it should be said.. Gauntlet Mode is a new take on the mechanics used in Story Mode only you control 5 characters simultaneously and move across the battlefield. I saw it done with up to four characters in Samurai Warriors Chronicles but WO3U takes it to a whole new level ^_^

I give Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate a 10/10.

The replay value, like the original WO3 ALONE will keep you busy for a while. Being portable is the icing on the cake. Crossplay with the PS3 or PS4 version is the cherry =O

Before I forget, WO3U in the US is Digital Only. The Vita Version requires 3GB to download plus an extra 100MB for free DLC. As a reminder: that 64GB Memory Card I bought earlier this month will probably be the last one you’ll ever need! You can get Warriors Orochi 3 for the Vita, PS3 and PS4 and like the Dynasty Warriors 8 XL Games, there is crossplay ^_^


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