Grepolis: An AWESOME browser-based MMO tailor-made for anyone

Click the banner to go to the website (a new window will open). I actually first heard about Grepolis (or Grep for short) from a TV spot. I started playing 5 minutes later and have been playing the internationally acclaimed game ever since. The game has been around for two years but as I understand it, it came to the U.S. earlier this year. What sets Grepolis and the other Inno Games (that’s the company that made Grepolis) apart from real MMOs is the game doesn’t segregate its player base by region. Sure, there are dedicated servers for those whose speak certain non-English languages but it’s not forced. That was something that impressed me. Even though there are servers on every continent, you can be in the U.S. and play Grep with someone in  say, Italy or India.

This is what a Grep City looks like once you max all the buildings. The ship at the bottom is a merchant ship that randomly visits one of your cities every day for 8 hours. If you have alot of cities like I do (I have 14 currently, working on gaining 3 more), you may have some overlap in this regard.

Now let me go over the buildings pictured above:

  • The Senate (The large building in the middle below the windmill) is your nerve center for developing your cities. The more you level your buildings, the more effective they become. The more you level the Senate, the less time it takes for upgrade to finish. The level cap is 25. Some things in the Academy and the Agora require the Senate to be capped so…yeah.
  • The.Farm (the field in the top-right corner with the Windmill) effects your population. The higher leveled it is, the more people available for Military and in some cases, Mythical Units. The Farm caps at level 40.
  • The Marketplace (the building directly below the Farm) is what allows you to trade resources between players or your other cities. You will be able to trade resources as soon as it’s level 10 but I reccommend capping it to maximize how much you can send at a time. Once it caps at level 30, you will be able to trade 25,5000 resources at a time. It will be crucial once you get your 5th city onward for your stronger cities to be able to support your weaker ones without relying on your Alliance.
  • The Warehouse (the building directly below the Senate) should be the second building you cap after the Senate: Once capped, your cap for Lumber, Stone and Silver will be 25,500 and I mean EACH, not combined. It caps at level 30.
  • The City Wall is a key defensive build for ALL of your cities though the ones in enemy territory should be capped ASAP. The Wall is helps support your Defensive Units and works in tandem with the Tower if you have it. It caps at level 25. It’s a Stone Sink but well worth the investment.
  • The Academy (The building above the Senate) allows you to research various technologies to enhance your city. You will naturally want to cap the Academy as you play: In order to colonize a new city, you will need to researcg both Fast Transport Ship and Colony Ship. If you want to capture another player’s city you will need to research Conquest. Keep in mind there is a Resource cost and you will only be able to research stuff based on your Academy level. I will speak more to a few choice Academy items in a bit but the Academy caps at level 30.
  • The Quarry, Timber Camp and Silver Mine are your resource-generating buildings. They each cap at 40. The higher leveled they are, the more of each resource you passively get per hour.
  • The Barracks (The building to the left of the Senate) is where you produce land military units as well as all Mythical Units. Keep in mind Mythical Units cost Favor points in addition to other resource costs. Many powerful Units such as the Hoplites, Slingers (best offensive land units in the game) and the Archer (Great counteroffensive land unit) will also need to be researched at the Academy. The Barracks cap at level 30.
  • The Temple (building to the left of the Barracks) is where your city’s greek God is worshipped. There are five Gods and Goddesses in all: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena and Hades. A city can only worship one God at a time but the same God can be worshipped by multiple cities. The speed in which you gain Favor for a particular God/dess is simply multiplied by the number of cities that worship that particular God/dess. You can switch Gods at any time but be warned: When you change the God a city worships, if another city worships the God being replaced, ALL Divine Favor gained for that God is lost. A way to offset that is to spend all your Divine Favor for that God/dess before switching.
  • The Agora (Structure in front of the Senate) Handles all sorts of things. The first screen you usually see is on city events that will help you gain Culture Points. The higher your cultural level, the more cities you can have at a time.
  • The Harbor (The one with the docks) connects you to the rest of the server. All the ships except Tranport  Ships must be researched through the Academy. Biremes are your nautical bulwarks. The more you have, the better. Light Ships are your natical spears. Send them en masse to enemy players to clear out their harbors. Triemes are the best at both offense and Defense but there’s a significantly higher resource cost. Colony Ships are required to capture or found cities while Fast Transport Ships arrive faster than regular transport ships to their destinations. The Harbor Caps atl evel 30.
  • The Cave (Between the Warehouse and the Harbor) is where you store Silver Coins to be used to spy on enemy players. The more Silver you spend, the higher the chance your espionage will be successful. Another upside to storing Silver in the cave: When your city is attacked, the Silver you have stockjpiled in the Cave is not effected. Once the Cave caps at level 10 you can store as much Silver in it as you want.

The other buildings are specialty buildings and you can only build two at a time in a city:

  • The Tower drastically boosts the Defense of your city and is staple in almost every city in harm’s way. In order to build it, your City Wall must be level 20 or higher.
  • The Theater allows you to have performances through the Agora. The resource cost is less than the City Festival but lasts longer. You will need your Silver Mine to be level 32+ and your Timber Camp level 35+ to build it.
  • The Divine Statue boosts your Divine Favor gain. You will be able to build it once your Temple is level 12+.
  • Thermal Baths boost your population limit by 10% and is the other staple alongside the Tower. The higher your population, the more troops and ships you can train/build. You will need to raise your farm to level 35+ to build it.
  • The Oracle tells you who is or tried to spy on you, giving you notice to prepare your city’s defenses. To build it, level your Cave to 10.
  • The Lighthouse cuts the travel time of your ships by 15%. To build it, you will need to raise your Harbor to level 20.
  • The Merchant’s Shop increases the trade ratio from increments of 500 to increments of 750. To build it, you will need to get your Marketplace to level 15.
  • The Library gives you 12 extra Research Points to use on the Academy. To build it, you must level the Academy to 30.

Since Grep is browser-based, you can play it on any computer. There is also the App that you can get for Apple and Android devices. I have it on my iPad and am able to check in on my cities on the go but don’t have my laptop. There’s more to Grepolis than what I’ve said so far but I’ll leave you to learn about the rest on your own. Grepolis is free to play. There is a Premium aspect but it makes sense and is not forced on you.

Gold coins are the premium currency that serves one of four purposes: Shorten building times, reduce the cost of building upgrades though the Senate by 25%, hire Advisors or miscellaneous things during server events. The only one you want to spend Gold Coins on is the Advisers.  500 Gold coins gets you all 5 for 2 weeks. 1000 Gold Coins gets you all 5 for a month. If you had to pick one, you want the Administrator. Getting his services will increase your Construction Que slots per city from 2 to 7. Thid allows you to build your city much faster than if you only had two slots.

…Overall, I give Grepolis a 10/10.

The fun factor’s on point and the best part is you don’t need to spend any money on it to fully enjoy the game if you don’t want to. Once you join a supportive Alliance,

Fair warning if you pick Knossos between August and probably the end of the year: There is a war going on right now between Hydra, the server’s top Alliance and the other powerhouses of the server: Devil Dogs, Vengeful Wolves, Trinity, The Hawks, Bohemian Warriors and SimCity3000 to name a few. In all, some 15 Alliances have banded together to take on the largest Alliance on the server. Former enemies have put aside their differences  to take on a common enemy.

How big is this Hydra? Here’s the most recent map:

Red is Hydra and their allies. Blue is the Super Alliance. The numbers in the above chart is their ranking on the server. I myself am a proud member of the Devil Dogs Alliance, which is leading the charge in World War Knossos. And we’re winning.  I just got back into Grep after taking a month off and I can tell you it was more red than blue in late August=O


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