An Old Vet Returns to Super Smash Bros.

True story. You know I don’t spread or start rumors on my blog.

Of the five characters from Melee who didn’t make it into Brawl (the other four being Roy, Pichu, Dr. Mario and Young Link), Mewtwo was the only one who wasn’t a clone (pun  intended) of another character. Ironic given Lucas and Wolf (clones of Ness and Fox/Falco) were in Brawl but the injustice will at last be corrected this coming Spring.



As I understand it, those who buy both Super Smash Bros. Wii U and the Super Smash Bros. 3DS and register both games to Club Nintendo will be able to download Mewtwo for free to both games. Mewtwo will be released as a Paid DLC Character (more on this in a second) for both games at a later time. I was already thinking of buying the Wii U version for the soundtrack and I will admit today’s news solidified that decision but since I don’t mind buying DLC (unlike prettymuch the rest of the internet apparently) I no longer see the need to buy the Wii U version. It would be excessive to buy a game for a console don’t have and have no plans on buying even just for the soundtrack. If I was planning to buy a Wii U that would be one thing but I’m not so…yeah.

The news also opens the door for other characters old and new to be added to the game. The Ice Climbers are sure to be the next DLC Character(s) announced as DLC or at the very least closer to the time Mewtwo becomes available as paid content. There is also likely to be a patch release for the 3DS version to enable DLC content in the game. As for other possible DLC Characters, all I can say is ask and you might receive. Ridley was announced as being exclusive to the Wii U version so…yeah. Anything’s possible.

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