I Quit Grepolis Last Night

Things just weren’t working out with the new venture I was working on. Everything I was working for on a new server was undone yesterday. The drama around it reminded me of a similar situation I found myself in 3 years ago while I was playing World of Warcraft. This time I decided to do what  I knew I needed to and quit the game. I’d playeed the game for six months and until I tried playiing on a new server, I had a winning record. It’s not getting a losing record but the drama around the collapse of the Alliance I set up that did it for me.

I’ve also spent close to $200 worth of premium content since I started playing Grepolis in late April. That’s more than I’ve sepnt on World of Warcraft for the whole year. Money I know I will not get back. Never again.

I have another 30 days left on my current WoW Subscripttion.  I will give myself time to level my Paladin to 100 and that will be it. I used my 90 Warlock (Demo/Destro) for the first time since the WoD Pre-patch and it was virtually unplayable for me. I had a similar experience with my level 85 Warrior (Arms/Prot). Look, I’m fine with reducing button bloat and I was in the beta. That doesn’t excuse making two classes virtually unplayable by removing core abilities needed just to deal damage. Once again, I’m glad I decided 10 months ago to make WoD my final WoW experience. It’s a massive time sink and money pit I no longer feel inclined to waste my energy on.

I WILL start writing reviews of video games again, though. With my newfound extra time I will write more reviews ^_^

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