And now my Video Game Shopping is done for a while


Last weekend I completed my main goal in World of Warcraft and leveled my main character to 100. My secondary goal was to get my Garrison to Tier 3 but at this point I don’t see that happening by the time my sub expires on December 11. I was considering buying a 60-day time card but when I thought about it, this is probably the best time for me to just walk away. The artificial gating around crafting professions is the worst it’s been since Wrath of the Lich King so…yeah. After my subscription runs out, I’ll uninstall WoW (about 30GB) from both of my computers. I still play StarCraft II, Diablo 3 and am Beta Testing Heroes of the Storm so I still be available for chat in those games.


…I anticipate 2015 being The Year of Pokemon for me. As you can see above I have all four 6th Gen Pokemon games. The goal is to store 4,000 Pokemon total in Poke Bank across my two consoles. Given I have all four 5th Gen Pokemon games as well…yeah. Next year will be interesting.

Now that I have Persona Q, I’m done buying video games until Anime Boston 2015. That’s a good 4 months from now. The Wii’s dead but I have some Virtual Console games on it that I never finished. I also have a large backlog on my PS3 and Xbox 360. Yes, I have all three last-gen consoles and will have had all three for a full year come December 26.

As for the 3DS and Vita. you guys have been reading my blog all year so you know what I’ve been playing XD


…Again, no I am not getting any of current-gen consoles out of protest of their prices alone. I know prettymuch all of you who are under 25 will disagree with me on this but I see no reason to justify paying more than $300 for a new console. The only one of my consoles I bought at the launch price was the Wii ($250) and only because at the time, it was an expense I knew I could make despite only making a third of what I do now. I paid $250 each for my 360 and PS3, the latter coming with The Last of Us (which I gave away at Anime Boston 2014–I barely played it and only wanted the console anyways).

I also bought a DSi this past August just because. Well, actually it made sense given I have all of the 5th Gen Pokemon games and needed another DS Family Console so I could still play X, Y and a few non-Pokemon games I was playing on my 3DS consoles at the time.

As for the Vita…same problem as the PS3: So many games to finish. I think I bought more Vita games this year than 3DS games now that I’m thinking about it. I bought 10 Vita games and 8 3DS games. Yes, I’m including digital purchases in both counts XD

Of course, the big advantage that goes with playing handhelds is not being tethered to your tv. In my case, I can charge my 3DS or DS or DSi on the go thanks to my JBL Charge so naturally, I don’t need to freak out when the battery light starts flashing red =O

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