New 3DS XL Coming to North America February 13; New Fire Emblem 3DS Game announced


GameStop leaked the release date yesterday but I waited until this week’s Nintendo Direct (which is streamed every Wednesday) to confirm it. Gamespot (which summarized everything announced today) is also reporting Nintendo of America (the branch responsible for distribution in  North America) is only releasing the XL version in North America and hasn’t indicated if the smaller Standard size released elsewhere will be coming to the US. The New 3DS XL will sell for $200 and is Gamestop exclusive outside online ordering.

It was also announced both today and yesterday the New 3DS will not ship with a charger. Shouldn’t be a problem for me since I have a 3rd party charger that works with my Game Boy Advance, DS Lite, DSi and 3DS using the same outlet (WOOT!).

Then I found this picture:

It looks like I DON’T need to buy a new Adapter (YAY!). Nintendo is assuming the bulk of folks who buy the New 3DS XL are upgrading like I am. Speaking of which: On the offchance the standard version is released at a later time, I will transfer the data from my red 3DS only. It’s rarely left my house since I got OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire so…yeah. There’s also the possability Nintendo might announce the standard version will be released at a later time so this works for me.

Everytime I end up with two handhelds, I’ve always made sure to stagger when I buy them by at least two years:

  • I bought my Game Boy Advance SP 3 years after buying my first one (original).
  • Got the DS Lite the day it launched two years after the original launched.
  • Bought my PSP Go 2 years after I bought my first PSP. Got my third PSP (to replace the first one, which broke) the following year.
  • Got my Red 3DS in 2013 along with Pokemon X–two and a half years after I bought my Blue 3DS on the day it launched.

…For those who haven’t done cross-gen data transfers on Nintendo Consoles, the process is one-way and is irreversible. Even though I have more downloaded 3DS and DSi Ware Games and Apps on my Ambassador 3DS, I actually have more digital versions of retail 3DS games on my red 3DS. It just makes more sense to me to transfer the data from that one.

…Oh, and I’m getting the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition Bundle ($230), too =O

Now, on to the other bit of News:

A new Fire Emblem is coming later this year (in Japan) for the Nintendo 3DS. As usual, the Fire Emblem Faithful are analyzing every frame from the teaser. I’m hoping Nintendo will handle the release the same as they did with Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS and release this worldwide on the same day but if not, then chances are likely it will come to North America either Holiday 2015 or this time next year.

Keep watching Serenes Forest for the latest news on the new Fire Emblem!


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