Speaking of the Standard New Nintendo 3DS…



Disgruntled 3DS owners angry only the XL is coming to North America are organizing themselves and launching campaigns to get Nintendo to change its mind. There is a petition in progress as well. Instead of reposting info already available, I’m instead just going to point you in the right directions.

As of today, I am not going to buy the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Nintendo needs to be sent the message not releasing the standard version in North America is a mistake. Gamespot seems to believe Nintendo might release it later and as long as that’s a possability, I will wait. The XL folded is about the same size as the PS Vita, which I can barely fit in my pockets. Portability is essential when it comes to the handhelds I have. I’ve never owned an XL before and that will not change this year.

So if Nintendo does do what I suspect they will and announce at E3 they are going to release the Standard Version after all, I’d rather buy the one I want later than buy the one I don’t want now and regret my decision in June. If it doesn’t get released at all, that’s fine with me too. That would actually be the best case as I will have saved the $200 I would have spent on the XL version.

To those leading the campaigns to make Nintendo change its mind, know that you have my support!

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