Guild Wars 2’s first Expansion Announced!

Three years after the release of the base game. ArenaNet announced the first expansion will come later this year. Guild Wars 2 really sets itself apart from all the other big MMOs in the fact that there is no monthly subscription. Once you buy the game and make your account, you can play the through the game at your leisure without being gated with a monthly fee. While GW2 is no WoW–and that’s a good thing in my book–there’s been a steady stream of new content added to the game since its launch in 2012.

…Now that I’ve cut my ties with WoW, I plan to start playing GW2 again sometime this summer. I haven’t yet decided when I’m going to get the new expansion¬† but I will eventually. The new Revenant Profession looks intriguing…


…Once the launch date has been announced, I will pass that along here as well ^_^

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