Pokemon Shuffle (3DS) will see your Bank Account empty if you’re not careful



I’ve spent close to $1200 on World of Warcraft but that was over the course of about 7 years. I spent $400 on Grepolis but that was over the course of about 6 months. I dropped $60 on this game between my two 3DS consoles in about 2 hours’ time.

To say this game is addictive is a fucking understatement.

This game is Pokemon Trozei but with Microtransactions and Mega Evolution. That’s basically it.


The addiction factor comes from screens like this:


You can either wait 30 minutes or spend Premium Currency (Jewels) to get more Hearts. Wanna use your wallet? Here’s the pricing:


Take my advice and always buy in bulk if you chose to go this route. Preferably the $8.99 package. That way, you’re not constantly coming back to the above screen to buy more.The EX and Event Maps are the only two places where you should even buy Jewels because of the mechanics involved with those levels. Here is what you can trade Jewels for:


Also: SEVERELY limit your playing sessions.

I’ve sworn off spending any more money on this game at least until after Anime Boston. This is an obvious road test by Nintendo in the Freemium Market. And right now, uninstalling the game from both of my 3DS consoles is on the table for me. Nintendo picked a bad time to shove a Freemium game into my 3DS systems.

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