Nintendo to announces it will start making mobile games


And this time it’s for real.

The internet has been going crazy ever since Nintendo dropped this bombshell earlier today. Having just gotten home about an hour ago I’ve only known myself for about 30 minutes.

Honestly, I don’t care.

Together with the new NX system Nintendo also announced today–likely the replacement for Club Nintendo–it’s another example of Nintendo adapting to the times.

As for weather or not this means no more Portable Consoles, RELAX. The 3DS and Wii U are separate departments. I expect the mobile market to be a separate department as well. I can see DSi Ware and 3DS eShop-only games being brought to the iOS and Android App Stores for starters.

Again, I wanna stress if you have one of the 3DS Family Consoles RELAX. Nintendo isn’t going to drop its cash cow in favor of mobile devices. There a number of big games coming ot the 3DS later this year including Eterian Oddyssey Untold 2: Fafnir Knight.

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