Finally conquered all the 5th Gen Pokemon Games

I beat the Elite Four and visited all the cities and towns in Pokemon White 2 Friday, giving me unrestricted access to the Unova Region. I did the same in White 1 a few days before Anime Boston so…yeah. I can now transfer Pokemon from all four 5th Gen Games to all of the 4th Gen games–which I also have all of–and am now much closer to my goal of filling my Poke Bank with 1000 Pokemon by the end of the year.

I’m going to cover this in the new Pokemon Evolution Page I’m working on but Shellmet and Karrablast must be traded with EACH OTHER in order for both of them to evolve. The final goal–which I’m sure will take another year–is to finish the Pokedex in both Y and OmegaRuby. The only Pokemon I’ll need help getting are the Unova event Pokemon, Jirachi and Mew so if you have any of ’em, let me know ^_^

…I do have a working Action Replay for the 4th and 5th gen Pokemon games in my possession. I do hack in-game event Pokemon but I specifically hack the event flags. What this means is if say, you already caught Kyogre in Heart Gold, the flag is reset so you can catch it again. The main reason I do this is so the Pokemon can then be transferred to the 6th Gen. The Legit Check used in the Poke Transfer App would block the same Pokemon if I used its encounter code to catch it. I’ve confirmed this is true of almost all Legendaries plus Ditto that you hack. The vast majority you hack won’t be blocked unless it has a move it shouldn’t and yes, even Legit Event Pokemon with special moves have been blocked.

Anywho, now that I’ve beaten all of the 5th Gen games I can focus on other things. I’ll speak more to that in post number 3 coming up later today XD


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