Xbox 360 Update Allows External Hard Drives up to 2TB


If this isn’t assurance Microsoft will continue to support the 360, I don’t know what is.

Previously, the largest allowed external HDD or Flash Drive was 35GB back when the console launched. I have two in my 360 right now. Thanks to this update, I can now use those USB Drives for other things ^_^

Seeing as most 1TB or 2TB Hard Drives run for $50-$100….yeah. One and done. I’d use it for all of the TV Episodes and Movies I’ve bought over the last 6-7 years. It would also free up my Xbox 360’s 250GB HDD for just games. I plan to buy the External Hard Drive next weekend. This of course also means I no longer need to buy a second 360 like I said I was considering two years ago.

This also means I’ve decided not to buy a Wii U this year. At least not unless a significant price drop happens. Maybe down to $230. I can see Nintendo doing this to boost sales =D


As an aside:

If you have both a PS3/PS4, a Vita AND a 32GB or 64GB Vita Memory Card and you like to buy movies from the PSN, buy the HD+SD bundles. They typically cost $2-$3 more but as a reminder, the PSN is a unified system like iTunes: Purchases made on one console can be downloaded for free on another. Buy HD (High Definition; better quality video and audio but bigger file size) for the console and SD (Standard Definition; TV-Quality video and audio but smaller file size) for the handheld. I typically just buy SD since they’re a smaller size personally though I do have some HD titles.


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