It’s Official: Konami to exclusively make mobile games


Ganespot broke the story Thursday but I waited for 2 other sources to mention it for confirmation. And unfrotunately no, this is not a joke on my or Konami’s part. Gamepot did an article two weeks back on The State of Konami in which they noted the lack of news on any of the franchises it owns including Metal Gear/Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Castlevania. The article notes the recent wave of layoffs and the departure of world-renowned Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima from the company within the last week.

With this latest announcement, it all makes sense.

Even so, it’s sad Konami has decided to give the finger to everyone who grew up playing their games back in the day from Contra to Bomberman to Dance Dance Revolution. They’ve made a huge mistake and they will pay for it. I was hoping Kojima try to get publishing rights to the Metal Gear franchise at least but then I remembered Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS3 and PS4) will be his final MGS title. When you pair this announcement with his departure it’s easy to understand why David Hayter (Snake’s English voice actor) wasn’t brought in for MGS V.

Since Kojima has his own studio (Kojima Productions) he’ll probably keep making games. Given Konami announced MGS V won’t be the last game in the series, you can only imagine what they have in mind. Sim City creator Will Wright saw what Electronic Arts did to the franchise so…yeah. Things don’t look good for ANY of Konami’s franchises. Fortunately for Kojima he’s got range as a developer. It would be nice if Konami let him have the MGS franchise but I doubt it. Based on what I’ve seen Kojima do in Lunar Knights (Nintendo DS), the sky’s the limit!

So yeah. Konami is turning its back on consoles in favor of moble gaming. In doing so, the company also turns its back on the gamers who grew up playing their games. The best way to show them this is a big mistake is to  buy their games used. Companies don’t get a cent from preowned video game sales so…yeah. That’s what I reccommend.



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