Gamestop selling Retro games and consoles once again

Click the picture to go to their website on the subject. A new window will open.

For those who are interested here are the prices of the consoles, all preowned:

  • NES (both models): $60*
  • SNES: $60*
  • Genesis: $35*
  • Nintendo 64: $50*
  • Playstation 1 (both models): $40@
  • Dreamcast: $50

*Denotes games for this console have been re-released as a Virtual Console title

@ Denotes games for this console have been re-released as a PSOne Classic title

…Now let’s address the two problems Gamestop hasn’t touched on with its decision to restock retro consoles:

  1. ALL of the retro games Gamestop is selling can bought for much less if you buy a digital copy of them via one of Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony’s online game stores. Techmo Bowl is $5 on the 3DS/Wii U for example. FFVII? Why pay $30 when you can buy it digital for $10 on both Steam and the Playstation Network?
  2. Let’s say the console needs repair work. Then what? Nintendo no longer services retro consoles so this probably means Gamestop either subcontracted a vendor to handle repairs or they’re gonna do it themselves. In either case, this would explain the prices.

The silver lining is except the NES and SNES, those are actually the lowest-ever they’ve sold those consoles for New or Used. $100 was how much a New N64 went for the last it was on store shelves. Preowned, it was $70 before it was phased out.

I feel it is fair to say Gamestop is looking to cut into a very real and profitable market that had been mostly online or dominated by indie retro game stores for the last 15 years. The demand for retro games never died as they first thought. This is true. I recently joined a few Facebook groups where folks display their library of retro games. I think the renewed interest in retro games by gamers speaks to gamers rejecting the direction the industry is going in. They don’t want to deal with invasive DRM. They don’t want their console’s usefulness to be cut in half when online is dropped (Wii and DS say hi!).

Overall, I think this move by Gamestop has collectors in mind. Like I said, you can get digital copies of most of these games and for much less on all of the current and previou-gen consoles. There are some games that never went digital such as the original Goldeneye 007 ($20) so…yeah. THAT game…can’t say enough about it other than GET IT if you can =D

This leads to the obvious question I imply with the above picture: Will the older handhelds join the lineup?

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