I sent my Blue 3DS to get fixed again; Got a new 3DS game for the other one

Me and my Repaired Nintendo 3DS

…Right. I took this selfie after I sent it to get fixed the first time a few years ago. As I noted in recent blogs, there have been some problems with it so I shipped it to Nintendo to get fixed. Given I recently bought a new game on it (Attack on Titan) and bought some DLC on Super Smash Bros., I obviously want it in perfect working order (LOL). I expect it back by the midle of the first full week of July.

Unlike the first time, I do have another 3DS. Which brings me to this purchase I made yesterday:



I bought a physical copy at Gamestop just before the mall I went to closed. The physical copy of the SMT:DS games comes with a soundtrack CD (only a handful of tracks) and sometimes other stuff as well. This game came with decals for example. I have the first one–Devil Survivor Overclocked–as a digital game on my Red 3DS. I haven’t finished that one yet but now I plan to play through it before I start the sequel.

Speaking of Sequels:



Also coming to the 3DS!


Both games come to the U.S. June 30th. As noted above, Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 will be released on both the 3DS and the Vita. This marks the first Samurai Warriors game released on the 3DS since the first one, which was a launch title.  This is also the first title since Conception II a game has been released on both the 3DS and the Vita.

There is added incentive to buy the Vita version: Those who data from Samurai Warriors 4 will be able to transfer some data to the Vita version of SWC3. So far I’ve heard it’s just the DLC content (which I have) but I am looking to see if stuff like your Custom Warrior can be migrated as well.

I have the first two HDNR games plus Noire’s spinoff game and the Rhythm Game (in other words, ALL of them!). The HDNR games are a popular JRPG series for various reasons. Most of it’s due to the fan service (the playable cast is all female), the references to retro games and the tropes. The games overall are pretty good, though. There is also the Anime based on it, which I bought on Xbox Live over the weekend.

I haven’t finished HDNR 2 yet but I plan to buy 3 for when I do. I also plan to buy the Vita version of SWC3 at the same time XD

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