Review: Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains (Nintendo 3DS)


Now that I have played through World Mode for a bit, I have decided to write a reviewe of the game. I only posted this on Facebook but I got my 3DS back last Monday (WOOT!). Humanity in Chains was priority one so…yeah. It’s amazing the difference playing the game with all the buttons working makes. Anyway moving on. Like I said in my first-look review, it’s hit or miss if you are not already a fan of the Anime. Atlus got the basic premise right unsurprisingly:

Step 1: Immobilize Titan.

Step 2: Hit its weak spot to kill it.

That’s literally it. The mechanics require a bit of  muscle memory: Hard to learn but easy to master. The game is split into two modes: Story Mode has you playing through events from the Anime as Eren, Levi, Mikasa, Armin and Sasha. Speaking of Sasha, her story missions were all joke missions so…yeah. If they needed another female soldier they should have just used Annie despite the major spoilers that it would create. Now that I think about it, they probably went with Sasha to avoid that since Annie IS the female Titan. One thing I wished they did was make “what-if” scenarios for Story Mode: For example what if Eren took down The Colossal Titan on the wall? What if the Armored Titan backed up Annie in the forest? Stuff like that. I say that in part because I know who the colossal and armored titans are but yeah.

World Mode is more open ended in comparison. You are a member of The Survey Corps and it’s your mission to take back the lands outside Shiganshima for humanity. The quickest way to do it of course it to slay titans. World Mode is also where the Multiplayer and Online components of the game are. As others have said, I think it was a mistake to lock World Mode behind clearing half of Story Mode. The upside is when you clear all of a character’s Story Mode Missions you will unlock their likenesses for use in World Mode.

Online Matchmaking is also very broken and needs some adjusting: When trying to use even Quick Match, you might get pulled into a group already busy or something and can’t join them. This needs to be changed. The Search Group and Join Group functions need adjusting for similar reasons as well as not mixing high leve land low-level players so much. Offline World Mode needs some adjustments to make it less grindy as well: You get to same amount of rewards weather you play solo or with others so there’s not much incentive to play online. Increased rewards for playing with others would be a great starting point.

Overall, I give Humanity in Chains an 8/10 weather you’re a fan or not. The listed problems are why I didn’t give it a perfect 10. It’s worth giving a shot despite the $40 price tag and being digital only. As for weather or not this game could get ported to a console, I dunno. I think it’s more likely to get released on the Vita later to be honest. The biggest arguement for it to come to consoles is si the human-titan size difference can be better appreciated. When you stand next to even the tiniest titans they’re ridiculously big in comparison.

…On an unrelated note, I plan to cosplay as a member of The Survey Corps at Anime Boston next year =D

Also, if you are a vet you will probably like the Anime XD


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