Review: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor OVERCLOCKED (Nintendo 3DS)


…Even though I just go the sequel two weeks ago, I decided to finish this game since I’ve had it for about a year now. As is the standard with almost all of the SMT games (SMT = Shin Megami Tensei), the Devil Survivor games have multiple endings. This game is an enhanced port od the DS version–which I recently bought to compare the two. The 3DS version is fully voiced, extended gameplay (once certain conditions are met) and a new title system.

…Whew. All I can say is Atlus is the dark horse in regards to RPGs. From Devil Survivor toe SMT to Persona to Etrian Oddyssey, they make Squeenix look irrelvant with the games they release. Yes, the game’s narrative mirrors visual novels in terms of presentation but at the same time, it does its job of pulling you in and wanting you to see things through. That said, this game has multiple endings. Certain fusions can only be attained while doing certain routes in the final stretch.

The game takes place over the course of seven days. Those who know their Judeo-Christian history will see alot of references as is the standard for the SMT games. Devil Survivor (DS version) is actually considered the most difficult SMT game ever made. I was 2/3 through the game when I read a comment on Facebook saying the 3DS version frustrated even th most hardcore Strategy RPG players.  I beat the game with the Amane Route first playthrough before starting my New Game+ last night.

Certain decisions you make in days 5 and 6 decide what ending(s) you may have. I do know that keeping Haru alive is a prerequisite to getting Gin just like saving Mari is required to recruit Kaido. Midori joining the group is optional though her stats are incredible. You will also need to do multiple playthroughs to finish both the Skill Bank and the Compendium. My compendium was at 82% when I finished my first playthrough.

Overall, I give this game a 9/10 though it’s purely hit or miss.

Even if you played the DS version or the Persona games, this is a whole other animal. I loved it (I bought the game off the eShop) personally though there are certain aspects of it that will frustrate even the hardiest of gamers. As I did with SMT IV, I feel the need to point out the themes in Devil Survivor may be offensive to some folks. Mostly in how demons in general are portrayed and the role of angels and “God” in the game. Like SMT IV, Atlus takes the middle ground and depicts God by combining various sources. It’s actually pretty clever as it’s both a roundabout way of acknowledging the existence one God while at the same time not trying to present the existence of God as fact. In Amane’s Route, you become the Messaiah and subjugate all the demons. That’s just one possible outcome.

Getting to actual gameplay, it’s a strategy RPG. The mechanics are similar to SMT IV only you move across a grid-like map area and engage foes. Alot of what I could say is explained to you as you play. All of the core features of the game are unlocked by the third day as well. Everything except Almighty can be nullified. The game’s core mechanic Skill Crack allows you to steal new abilities from enemies you defeat. Some skills will require multiple playthroughs to get as I discovered: Bosses with multiple crackable skills means you will have to pick one and get the other on your next playthrough.


If you come to like this game or the DS version, there IS the sequel:


I bought it a few weeks after it was released and played it for a bit before finishing Overclocked. Now I’m going to return to it after I get one more ending in Overclocked. Three big differences Record Breaker has with Overclocked are Streetpass, Spotpass and DLC Content. Most of the DLC Content is reminiscient of SMT IV and IS game-breaking. Difference being with SMT IV they released the DLC over a period of time. It looks like with Record Breaker we got most of it up front. New content is released via Spotpass every Thursday as well so…yeah.

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