Gamespot confirms Kojima Productions was disbanded by Konami

You can read the full article here.

I already knew Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima was being let go after MGSV was done. Finding out his studio was in fact a sub-division of Konami makes the news harder to swallow. The Phantom Pain will truly be the last Metal Gear Solid game ever made. It truly is a shame. Konami is very close to surpassing Electronic Arts as the worst video game company in the world. Right now, they’re tied.

To those who were already planning to buy MGSV, buy it! Mr. Kojima will still get a cut a the profits and that’ll be important for wherever he decides to go next. He’s being tight-lipped about it due to confidentialiy (he is still under contract with Konami until December) but there are rumors he and other members of his team have been approached by Capcom, Atlus and Sony. As much as I hate to say it, Konami holds the rights to the Metal Gear Solid brand. It would be nice if they let him have it after MGSV but I doubt they’d be willing to let it go.

I considered MGSIV the last canon game in the series personally. Kojima himself said as much. Everything after it is just to make money. It’s no secret Konami and Kojima Productions have been at odds for several years now. They disagree fundamentally on alot of core things, two being the direction of the industry (Konami announced a few months ago mobile will be its main platform from now on) and the future of its IPs. MGSV is a cashgrab and fanservice. I was never planning to buy it in the first place knowing that.

I hope those who wanted “one more MGS” understand they are partially responsible for the implosion at Konami: Kojima was prettymuch forced to make MGSV. Mostly because he’s the only one who can but yeah. If Konami thought someone else could do it, they’d have brought in someone else but they didn’t. They’re not THAT stupid.

Given the state of things at Nintendo these days, these are indeed Dark Times for the industry in general. Much of it has been caused by greed. It’s ironic there’s been a renewed interest in Retro Gaming. My Wii has been collecting dust for a few years now but I’ve got a ton of Virtual Console games on it I really need to finish!


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