Statwise, Mega Rayquaza is the most powerful Pokemon


…Being honest, it’s pretty hard to argue against that. Click the pic to go to Rayquaza and Mega Rayquaza’s Pokemon of the week Page, which was created today. I want to direct your attention to the Countering Mega Rayquaza section of the strategy guide:

Pick whatever deity you worship and pray that your end is swift and painless. If said deity is Mega Rayquaza then you might be spared if it deems you worthy of living, otherwise you have no choice but to accept your fate. Nothing in the game can hope to save you from Mega Rayquaza’s fury, as everything in the game is obliterated by one of its moves once it sets up. Stealth Rock support from any one of its allies also chips off the last sliver of hope of anything withstanding its incredible power. If you’re foolish enough to oppose it, you do have a few options to delay the inevitable. While Lugia has no hope of walling Mega Rayquaza, it can buy some time for rest of its team with Whirlwind as long as Stealth Rock is not in play. Otherwise the Great Wall crumbles before Mega Rayquaza’s majestic Dragon Ascent. Skarmory can avoid taking serious damage if Mega Rayquaza does not run V-create but otherwise can do little in return aside from chipping it a bit with Rocky Helmet or delaying its own demise with Whirlwind. Fairy type Arceus can try to stop it with Judgment though Dragon Ascent outspeeds and OHKO’s the support set after a Swords Dance while the offensive set runs a dangerous risk of being nothing more than a sacrifice to the Dragon Dance variants. This applies to all other forms of Arceus as well, and even those that survive its heavenly assault long enough to burn it with Will-O-Wisp lose all hope if they see Mega Rayquaza cure itself with a Lum Berry. Extreme Speed is the best hope Arceus has at picking it off though that only manages to take out half of its health if unboosted while Mega Rayquaza defies its divine judgment with a decisive blow from Dragon Ascent. Klefki can try to paralyze it with Thunder Wave though as with support Arceus, it’s a lost cause against Lum Berry variants. Shuca Berry Dialga can withstand the force of an unboosted Earthquake and strike it with Draco Meteor but if it lacks defensive stat investment it still risks falling against a +2 Earthquake. The mighty Xerneas can attempt to revenge kill it with a Scarf set but loses to Dragon Dance sets, and even a Swords Dance boosted Extreme Speed can OHKO it with some residual damage. Even Ditto, the typical answer to hyper offensive setup sweepers, is not a reliable check to Mega Rayquaza as it scoffs at the attempt to recreate its likeness with a +2 Extreme Speed that tears down the imposter. This same Ditto fails to OHKO the true savior if it tries to make use of the same tactic. In theory it is possible to defeat this celestial being if you make use of these Pokémon that stand at least a fighting chance against it, and hope that any little bit of damage it might take over the course of the battle eventually tires it out. However, Mega Rayquaza is more likely to run a team into the ground before that happens.

Countering Mega Rayquaza is simply a hopeless cause not worth pursuing. There is nothing to be gained from seeking true counters if it means trying mediocre options like Scarf Golduck that don’t even succeed in checking it, let alone countering it. Just be thankful that the only Pokémon with this immense power is a Pokémon willing to put itself at risk to protect people from life-threatening meteors and titans like Groudon and Kyogre. Whether Mega Rayquaza will continue to sit firmly in its celestial throne for generations to come remains to be seen, but for now it stands as the world’s most powerful Pokémon with nothing that can claim to counter it.



…If not for time and technical difficulties, I was going to address the folly of premades at my Pokemon Panel at Anime Boston 2015.

Ah, premades. I’ve been at war with GS Bot, RS Bot and their evil master SMOGON since 1999. Countless thousands have fallen slave to its overwhelming power and influence. All because of laziness. I’ll skip the tirade and say this: Premades ONLY work in the predicable, controllable settings offered in the aformentioned simulation programs. They DO NOT work in the live game against random people.

I go out of my way to DESTROY premades playing Pokemon MY way. Rules are meant to be broken. The problem with these premades, tiers and crap like that is it takes alot of unpredictability away from the game. The Pokemon Company went WELL out of its way to ensure no one Pokemon is unbeatable.

Mega Rayquaza is no exception.

Like Mega Blaziken/Speed Boost Blaziken, Mega Rayquaza happens to have alot going for it. Its signature ability Delta Stream cancels Harsh Sunlight (Primal Groudon) and Heavy Rain (Heavy Rain) AND negates all of its flying-type weaknesses to Electric, Ice and Rock Type moves. Its signature Move (also needed to Mega Evolve) Dragon Ascent is a 2-turn move that also lowers the user’s Defense and Special Defense. conveniently leaves this detail out. Oh, you can definitely stall Mega Rayquaza long enough to bring in a fresh Dragon or Fairy to revenge kill it. It’ll mean you’ll be sacrificing a few Pokemon to do it but it’s definitely possible. Mega Pokemon do require some effort to take down. That’s a given.

By the way Smogon is Koffing’s German name. This was one of the few clean memes I could find, actually XD

Premades are based on assumptions and you know the saying: Those who assume make an ass of themselves. They are also the easiest to destroy as the person using premades usually goes with the assumption their non-Smogon is “doing it wrong”. I digress.

I actually don’t battle online anymore and when I did it was once in a blue moon now that I’m thinking about it. Mostly due to my unstable internet at home. I prefer to battle using MY OWN strategies. Not someone else’s. This is why I will ALWAYS have the advantage over Smogon Slaves: Smogon intentionally takes the fun out of Pokemon and is unapologetic about it. The irony is NO ONE has won an official Pokemon Tournament using Smogon rules, let alone ranked high.


I will continue the good fight against all things Smogon until people wake up and smell the Roserades!

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