Report: Working at Konami is akin to slave labor


…The bad press coming out of Konami continues.

Gematsu picked up a damning report by Japanese newspaper Nikkei. Nikkei is in Japanese and the full article is locked behind a subscription but Gematsu summarizes what can only be viewed as damning accounts of how Konami treats their staff. For the first time this year, I felt very angry at Konami after reading this. This after Konami went out of its way to not only fired Hideo Kojima and dissolve his studio but apparently any Konami employee who says his name is instantly fired.

Alot of fans believe Konami removing its stock from the New York Stock Exchange was their way of keeping Kojima from owning shares in the company he helped make famous over the last 20 years. The obvious “What DID Kojima do?” aside, Konami has gone well out of its way to replace Electronic Arts as the most hated video game publisher in the industry. As of this article, it easily gets the dishonor. No question Konami as a game maker is done.

On the left is the original box art. on the right, notice what’s missing?

I already wasn’t buying MGSV knowing it was a cash grab and Kojima wasn’t being credited. See the box art above.  Now I’m calling on MGS fans to send them a message and boycott Konami. In addition, DO NOT buy MGSV. If you buy this game, you condone their inexcusable actions this year. It was said from the beginning The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes were both cash grabs. There’s no need to support Konami’s greed.

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