Blizzard Unveils Expansion 6: Legion [Update -8-7-2015]

Update 8/7/2015:

A followup interview with more details was posted by Icy Veins. I have updated this post to reflect that. You’re welcome =D



Click here go to to the official site. Click here to go to MMO-Champion’s coverage of the full press release made at Gamescom.

I kept my mouth shut on the subject but there’s been a tone of rumors and fake leaks all over the internet even since Blizzard announced they would reveal the new expansion at Gamescom last Sunday. Three ended up being true: Demon Hunters being a new playable class, Dalaran being involved and the Legion being the central theme.

I watched the announcement video and the rollout presentation as the happened. I was  impressed with the presentation itself: They revealed just the right amount in my book. Not too much but not too little. Enough to hype fans and enough to give those not happy with WoW to take a second look. As I’m sure everyone at MMO-C is doing, what wasn’t said will be the subject of much speculation until the next round of reveals.

Here’s a few that jumped out at me:

  • Andiun Wrynn is now a man.

Those who played in Vanilla and BC were introduced to Anduin when he was but a child and not of age to assume the throne in Varian’s absence. He grew into a young man in Cataclysm, helping you uncover the Twilight Hammer’s influence in Stormwind. He was waylaid on Pandaria and hasn’t been seen since he was gravely wounded by Garrosh. Now, Anduin is clearly an adult and if the info about him on the official site is to be believed, something happens to his father.

  • Speaking of Varian:


He’s in the opening cinematic. Based on the snow around him and the sword sheathed at his back, he’s somewhere far from the Legion. I have my own speculation that I’ve shared on MMO-C.

  • The Lore surrounding Illidan and Demon Hunters as a Playable Class. They didn’t go into too much detail on this and I assume on purpose. From what was revealed, Illidan sent some of his best Illidari (you) on a suicide mission somewhere just before his defeat at Black Temple. It was revealed on the Official Site Maiev took Illidan’s body to the Warden’s Prison, which is in another dimension where it was to presumably be housed forever in stasis. Details are hazy but from what I understand, the illidari who were locked away are released when the Legion show up in force to help fight them. If the teaser involving Illidan and Gul’dan is to be revealed, Illidan is rezzed at some point as well.
  • Speaking of Gul’dan: We now know what happened to him after Hellfire Citadel. Archimonde sent him to MU Azeroth to summon the Legion on Azaroth. That solves the mystery of “what was the pact Gul’dan made with Archimonde?”: He promised to summon the Legion on another world if the Invasion of Draenor failed. He is also the final boss of one of the two raids mentioned in the presentation.
  • Class Halls and the Artifact System. They look awesome. Some specific artifacts like Ashbringer and Doomhammer were even shown. There will be a weapon for all 36 Specs including Druids so…yeah. Should be exciting.
  • Revamped PvP System: FINALLY, PvP and PvE are two separate systems. The revamped PvP System is now talent-based and is NOT dependant on gear. This allows players to play both PvE and PvP with the same spec without having to feel like they’re completely remaking their character. I’m actually excited to try PvP for the first time since Wintergrasp =O
  • Abasfrabi stated “The Shock” revealed at the Broken Front is “going to cause alot of hate towards him on Twitter”: Some major lore characters will die and some will “lose faith”, whatever that means. Retribution Paladins get the legendary Ashbringer (!) for example and to get it, they must journey to The Broken Front where it fell in battle. Translation: Tirion dies. Thrall’s fate is as of yet unclear.

All in all, Legion will be an epic expansion. Some fans have said it could even be the final major expansion. If it is, it would be QUITE the sendoff. Even if that does happen, I’m sure WoW will be like Everquest: It will be around for decades to come and will continue with new lore over time XD

I, for one would welcome it if WoW went that route ^_^

Tom Chilton and Ion Hazzikostas did an interview with Icy Veins after the reveal at Gamescom. Some major reveals I think are worth repeating:

  • It’s confirmed Gul’dan was sent to MU Azaroth by Archimonde to raise the Tomb of Sargeras. As a bonus, he finds Illidan’s body and revives him. That said, the teaser video showing this is NOT part of the Opening Cinematic.
  • The Hunter class Specs are now being de-homogenized. In English: Each Spec will now work differently: Beastmaster is unchanged, Suvival is now Melee + Pet and Marksman but no pet.
  • Demonology Warlocks will be losing Metamorphasis but in exchange, the spec will be getting buffed in regards to demons. Affliction and Destruction will continue to use Demons as well.
  • The New Demon Hunter Class is a Hero Class and will start between levels 95 and 100 (still being decided). In addition, only Night Elves and Blood Elves can be a Demon Hunter. Demon Hunters will wear Leather and use the dual type Glaive Weapo and only that weapon type for the Expansion’s duration.
  • It was confirmed there will be NO WEAPON DROPS in Legion. You will get runes to power up your Artifact Weapon instead. In addition there will be NO LEGENDARY WEAPONS/ITEMS in Legion. Artifact Weapons can be transmogged but not vice versa.
  • Realm/World Firsts will NOT be coming back. Blizzard wants players to focus on enjoying the game early on so…yeah.
  • It was confirmed the Paid Character Boost will now go to 100 with Legion. No word yet if a free Boost to 100 will be included with the expansion yet but it’s on the table.
  • It was also confirmed there will be no Stat Squish like there was in WoD. Remember Tanks at the end of MoP having almost 1 Million HP?! It was also hinted DPS is “an expansion away” from having numbers as high as we saw in Seige of Orgrimmar (!).
  • The Order Halls will fuction like Acherus does for Death Knights. In addition, they will be cross-faction and only accessible to the corresponding class (Though with the introduction of Flying on Eastern Kingdoms it’s possible for anyone to visit Acherus).
  • Finally: The Garrison you made on Draenor will stay on Draenor. You can go back to it anytime you want. Class Halls will work differently and are not meant to replace them.


Aaaannd there you have it. It sounds like Blizzard is going out of its way to make every spec feel and work differently from each other. Hunters are the most obvious example of this but the same could easily be said of Rogues, which also have three DPS Specs. The Druid Feral/Guardian split in Cataclysm made it a 4-Spec Class but in exchange, each spec feels very different from each other.

I will update this post again after the Q&A Session on Sunday.


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