The Persona Project releases Fan Dub of the first Persona 3 Movie

I just finished watching it a short time ago. Major props to The Persona Project for doing what Atlus and Aniplex were apparently too cheap to do and give ALL of the movie adaptations of Persona 3 an English Dub.

Here is the fan Dub on You Tube:


And here is the download link (1GB, 720 HD).

It’s worth noting the second movie, Midsummer Knight’s Dream is available on Netflix Streaming Subbed. Of course, that makes no sense: Why put the sequel to a movie that never got released in the West? Thankfully for the fans, The Persona Project did what Aniplex and Atlus were too cheap and lazy to do and they did it for free: No crowdfunding was done. This was a labor of love for the team.

Getting to the movie content itself though, like Persona 4 all of the side events are skipped over and the main plot is focused on. Before I forget, the main character’s official name is Minato Arisato in the games but unlike P4’s Yu Narukami, his name is changed in the movies to Makoto Yuki. Makes no sense for the simple fact unlike Yu Narukami, the P3 protagonist already had an official name. The P4 protagonist got his in the Persona 4 Anime so changing Minato Arisato to Makoto Yuki makes no sense.

Moving on, Spring of Birth spans the beginning of the game to when Fuuka is rescued from Tartarus. After the credits roll, in two teaasers for the second movie, Pharos formally introduces himself to the MC and Aigis awakens. Major props to the voice talent who brought the characters to life. As is usually the case with Fan Dubs, there was an emphasis on being accurate with the dub.

…I can’t help but say Atlus is getting lazy like Namco Bandai, which hates dubbing their video games into English. How they handled Tales of Hearts R is a textbook example (Audio says Shingen but the text says Kor). I hope they see this dub and feel embarrassed a team of 25 people from all over the world did a complete English Dub for FREE and in such a short amount of time. From what I can tell, they did it in about a month’s time.

Even better, The Persona Project has said they will also Dub the second movie. Awesome!

The first two movies are officially available on Blu-Ray and DVD Subbed in the West but if someone’s offered to Dub it, I’ll wait for the Dub. More so given the Dub is FREE no strings attached =D

Here’s hopinng Atlus doesn’t slap them with a Cease & Desist Order. Given how much the first movie was advertised ahead of its release last night, one can only hope!

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