It’s been 10 years since I wrote a complete Strategy Guide

And it was for a port of a game that at the time was 10 years old: Phantasy Star III. Said guide stands today as the only video game guide written by me that’s been immortalized on the video game website GameFAQs under the username Mewtwo64. Mostly it’s because of that site’s approval process. I actually drafted a Walkthrough for Final Fantasy VI about 13 years ago but forgot about it.

My opinion of GameFAQs aside, I have been thinking of writing strategy guides for some time now. Right now the focus would be on Walkthroughs and the games would mostly be Role-Playing Games. I do plan on writing a leveling guide for World of Warcraft by Faction, though. The guide would strictly be for the leveling experience from 1 to 110 as of the recently announced expansion, Legion. That would also be a long-term process so…yeah.

Of course, I will also do a guide for the Pokemon Games. I’m leaning towards just doing the Sixth-Gen games–X, Y, OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire–though I may do some of the older ones, too. Actually, scratch that: I looked through some of my old folder and found five games that were barely started: Grand Theft Auto III, The Sims 1, The Sims 2, Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire and Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. I did a mini Guide for the optional bosses in FF7 as well as a Nostalgia Guide for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for the Gamecube (remake of MGS1 for the PS1).

I actually submitted the latter guide to GameFAQs when I finished it but it was rejected due to “oversaturation”. That basically means there were other existing guides and walkthroughs that covered what my guide did so they didn’t see the need to host mine. Their loss. The funny thing about my GTA3 Guide was I actually posted a warning to parents about the game’s mature themes.

In no particular order, here are 10 games I’ve wanted to write a Walkthrough and FAQ for since I first played them:

  1. Fire Emblem Awakening (Nintendo 3DS)
  2. Final Fantasy VI (Multiple Platforms)
  3. Tales of Hearts R (Vita)
  4. Devil Survivor: Overclocked (Nintendo 3DS)
  5. Etrian Oddyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl (Nintendo 3DS)
  6. Valhalla Knights (PSP)
  7. Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP)
  8. Samurai Warriors 4 (Vita)
  9. Persona 4 Golden (Vita)
  10. Rune Factory 4 (Nintendo 3DS)

…Of course, with the exception of FFVI and Valhalla Knights, I have written a review for everything on this list. I also plan to eventually write Walkthrough for all the main Pokemon games. That much is a given. My guides will be text-based but there will be pictures as well. I expect this venture to take a while as well.

One thing I was thinking about was charging for my guides but I have decided to offer them for free. They will be released as PDF files to prevent them from being plagiarized, though. Since all of the games from the above list have been out for a year or longer–20 years in the case of FFVI–my guides will always be free though I will solicit donation requests. If you see one of my guides being “sold” somewhere, it is being done without my permission. If such is the case, please let me know ASAP.

Another thing I want to say ahead of drafting my next guide is the main reason my guides will be free: The initial release for new games will be about 10% done at minium. Usually 33% but at least 10% done. This is usually because I am still on my first playthrough of the game. That said, my guides will ALWAYS contain a full Walkthrough, FAQ, Translation Changes List (if applicable), Spell/Ability List (if applicable), Table of Contents and Version History. There may be additional sections depending on the game as well.

What game will be my next full Walkthrough? From the above list, I’m leaning towards Persona 4 and Final Fantasy VI in that order in addition to Pokemon OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire + Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire + Emerald. On that note, yes I would cover all five Hoenn Pokemon games in one giant Super Guide =D

It’s what I do.

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