Sony confirms there will NOT be a successor to the PS Vita

Gamspot broke the news yesterday: There will not be a handheld after the Vita.

The main reasons cited are “the console market’s too unhealthy right now and the mobile market is too big”. Let’s be honest, more and more companies known for making games for consoles have been switching over the mobile gaming in the last 20 months. The Vita was given up on by Sony from the very beginning so…yeah.

These really are dark times for the gaming industry. Everyone is struggling. I consider myself fortunate I decided a long time ago not to buy an Xbox One, PS4 or Wii U: All three consoles are struggling. The Nintendo 3DS is doing marginally better in comparison but only because it’s Nintendo is actually making first-party games for it.

So this will be Sony’s last handheld. Disappointing but not surprising. All the more reason for those who never owned a PSP or a Vita to get one. I expect the price drops for the Vita to begin in December. I will probably spend much of 2016 continuing to find older Vita games I skipped over as well as physical PSP games that are becoming hard to find.


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