Persona 4 Dancing All Night: My PS Vita 2015 Game of the Year!

I have been looking forward to this game all year.

It hasn’t disappointed, either =D

Persona 4 Dancing All Night (henceforth P4DAN) marks the first time EVER I bought a special edition version of a video gmae. The Disco Fever Edition comes with this:

The price tag: $80. The Standard Edition comes with just the Vita Skin and the link for the 10 Wallpapers. Click Here to go to the page where all of the Wallpapers are. They are free. The scaling has the Vita (or PSP) in mind but you can use them however you like.

For those who want an idea of what they look like first, here’s Rise:


Moving on, it goes without saying this game has fans of the Persona series and more specifically, Persona 4 in mind. That said, Atlus said before the game’s release in Japan P4DAN’s Story Mode is canon. This is worth mentioning for three reasons. The first is there have already been three spinoff games featuring the Persona 4 cast: Persona Q, Persona 4 Arena and its sequel Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold (Just Ultimax in the U.S.), all of which are crossovers with the Persona 3 cast. The second reason is the is actually the first time Yu Narukami’s name is used canonically. He is unnamed in the base game + Persona 4 Golden as well as the Persona 4 side of Persona Q. His name in the Manga is Souji Seto as well.

The third reason–possibly the most telling–is the implied pairing of Yu and Rise. In P4/P4G, Rise is one of the girls you could get as a girlfriend once your Social Link was maxed out. I can’t remember when but towards the end of the game, Yu makes a comment to the effect he wouldn’t mind taking their relationship to the next level, which Rise accepts. I took alot of screenshots during my playthrough of Story Mode so I’ll double check this weekend.

Another big thing about P4DAN is we finally know what Kanami Mashita looks like:

I’m sure you’re confused right now so let me clarify: They’re both the same person. On the top is Kanami Mashita. On the bottom is her alter ego Kanamin. Her idol appearance and her true self are like night and day. It’s never really explained in the game but presumably she wears contacts and a wig as Kanamin. Rise also mentions near the beginning of the game she likely had breast implants in explaination for her bust since they last saw each other.

The game’s story mode is about 40% if the game. The meat of the game is Free Mode., where you can play the songs on Easy, Normal or Hard as well as the unlockable All Night Difficulty. You can also customize each person’s appearance. Costumes are bought and unlocked using in-game currency, which is earned by clearing songs. The higher the difficulty, the more money you get.

There was one song in particular I had been waiting almost 3 months to play in this game:

It’s the Lotus Juice remix of Backside of the TV. It’s also my favorite song from the game. I got a perfect score on my first attempt playing it on Normal. Not hard to do when you’ve listened to it over and over for several weeks!

Getting King Krazy is the same as getting S Rank in Elite Beat Agents: You must do the song PERFECTLY: Zero misses and zero GOODs. You can get it on any difficulty as well. Of course, doing it on the hardest difficulty gets you bragging rights. Like Elite Beat Agets, I only want to get it on certain songs. Then I’ll be satisfied =O

I will provide a review once I have finished unlocking all of the songs in Free Mode. I beat Story Mode so…yeah.

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