Blizzard: Legion to be released “by September 2016”; Warcraft Movie Trailer to be revealed Nov. 6

…Here we go.

For once, I actually agree with the critics: The Standard Edition of Warlords of Draenor turned out to not be worth the $50 price tag it sold at. $30 at the most but not $50. Legion I’d say should be $40. The reason both Expansions are $50 is because of the Free Boost they come with, which themselves are worth $60.

As a reminder, the Paid Boost to 90/100 is nothing to sneeze at: Your level is automatically set to the minium level to start the new expansion plus some other perks thrown in. I talked about it in a previous blog post when WoD was in Beta. Much to my own surprise, WoW Vets I’ve spoken to insist they either never used their free boost from WoD or used it and then, having regretted their decision actually deleted the character they boosted to 90. Makes no sense to me but whatever. I myself have boosted 5 characters to 90 in addition to the free one.

Legion introduces the Demon Hunter Class, which is the first Hero Class since Death Knights were introduced back in Wrath of the Lich King. Demon Hunters are also the first race-exclusive class since Vanilla: Only Night Elves (Alliance) and Blood Elves (Horde) have access to the Demon Hunter Class due to how the lore behind its introduction is set up. You must also have a level 70+ Character to make one. Of course, that last one shouldn’t be a problem!

Yet another thing the critics immediately pointed out when Legion’s release window was announced were two undeniable facts for those who are still subbed:

  1. There will be no new content until Legion. Hellfire Citadel was the last content patch and was released in July.
  2. Blizzard promised players after almost a year of Madness of Deathwing (Cataclysm’s final raid) that the time between the previous expansion’s final raid tier and the launch of the next expansion would shrink. In fact, the gap of time has actually grown.

So, for those still subbed this is a pretty sobering fact. It’s also compounded by the fact WoW’s recent subscriber count was listed as under 5 Million Players. Ignoring the doomsayers, the fact of the matter is the MMO Genre’s run its course. Folks are moving on are already have. It was a great run but let’s face it, the MMO Industry knows the market’s drastically shrunk since the days of Everquest.

I haven’t yet decided if I will preorder Legion but I’m leaning towards not preordering this time. Mostly because I’m done with WoW and with the stuff that recently came up in my personal life, it’s an expense I can’t afford. LOL.

This is the poster of the Warcraft Movie. The full trailer will make its world premiere on Nov. 6  at BlizzCon and trust me, it’s easily the most anticipated trailer for a movie adaptation of a video game to date. Blizzard is personally involved with the movie’s production so…yeah. You know the finished product is going to be impressive.

Something on the poster worth pointing out: The sub title. That’s new. I suspect it’s for licensing reasons though it’s very deliberate. I interpret the subtitle to mean one of two things: Either the events of the source material will be split between two movies (which I doubt or we’d know by now) or they’re posiitioning the movie franchise to be ready to start working on the sequel as soon as the numbers start coming in.

Should be interesting.

The movie chronicles the events of the first Warcraft game from the Orcs’ invasion of Azeroth to the destruction of Stormwind City at the hands of what’s now referred to in Lore as The Old Horde. At the the time, the Orcs had drunk the blood of the pitlord Mannoroth and had just made first contact with the Guardian Medivh, who opened the Dark Portal on Azeroth. The overuse of Fel Magic and the slaughter of the Draenei left the Orcs’ homeworld, Draenor a dying planet. Grommash Hellscream, leader of the Warsong Clan is advised by Gul’dan to lead their people to another world rich with the resources their people desparately need: Azeroth. This is The First War.

I won’t spoil the movie’s main plot much further but there is a secondary plot involving Thrall’s parents Durotan and Drakka. For those who know Thrall’s origin story, not all of the Orcs who crossed into Azeroth participated in the First War: Durotan, who was Warchief of the Frostwolf Clan was the only Orc leader who did not participate in the major battles of The First War. Think of him as a Conscientious Objector prettymuch. He ultimately led his people north past Stormwind and Orgrimmar to the Hillsbrad Foothills. Drakka, who was pregnant with Thrall when they came to Azeroth naturally joined him. Both are assassinated by a triator shortly after Thrall is born.

King Llane Wrynn is the King of Stormwind. He and his Champion, Anduin Lothar are tasked with combating the Orcish Horde. If the last name of the first guy and the first name of the second guy sound familiar, they should: Llane is Varian Wrynn’s father and his son Anduin is named after the Alliance hero. After Stormwind falls to the Horde and Llane is assassinated, Anduin leads the young Prince Varian Wrynn to the Kingdom of Lordaeron far to the north.

Most Warcraft fans are familiar with Warcraft III and World of Warcraft but this movie is from the first Warcraft game, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans.


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