Breaking News: Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife coming to Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS!


Yet another “There’s no way this will EVER happen on a Nintendo console” item has been crossed off the list: The iconic ex-SOLDIER turned mercenary is the latest character to join the likes the Ryu, Mega Man, Pac Man (All Capcom) and Sonic (Sega) as a member of the lucrative “third-party character in Super Smash Bros.” Club: All five plus Solid Snake (Konami) in Brawl are not Nintendo characters though all except Cloud (Square-Enix) have appeared in a game released on a Nintendo Console.

That said, FFVII’s Cloud being the next playable DLC character suggests so many things. More so given (then) Squaresoft’s falling out with Nintendo when the Nintendo 64 was under development. Square Enix released a tech demo for the N64 using characters from FFVI, which would be both the last man 2D Final Fantasy game and also the last main Final Fantasy game ever to be released on a Nintendo console: Anyone knows their gaming history knows FFVII’s release on the Playstation 1 was viewed by Nintendo fans as “The Great Betrayal” as up to that point, Final Fantasy titles were only being released on Nintendo consoles. To further things, Square Enix later re-released the first six games (except III), Chrono Trigger and its Sequel Chrono Cross on the PS1.

FFVII is considered by many console RPG fans to be one of, if not the greatest RPG of all time. FFVII’s success goes beyond its original PS1 release: It got a prequel (Crisis Core), a sequel (Dirge of Cerebrus), a movie (Advent Children) and soon, an enhanced remake will be coming to the PS4 (and the PC). Square-Enix and Nintendo working together again 13 years ago renewed hope in Nintendo fans Final Fantasy VII might come to a Nintendo console one day. Could the remake come to the Wii U? anything’s possible.

A release date hasn’t yet been announced. I will provide an update once that info has been revealed. Until then, enjoy the reveal trailer:

Pinch yourself and know this is NOT fake. It’s really happening =O




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