Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are coming to the 3DS Virtual Console!


Save the date!

Holy crap, I’ll have fun figuring out how to fit all three games on my two 3DS consoles!

Not only is the 3DS getting the Pokemon games that started it all, you will be able to battle and trade over local wireless. Based on that alone, I think the original Pokemon games will sell for at least $10 each though I am expecting them to sell for $15 each due to the recognition and multiplayer enabled. Several sites that shared the news have the same sentament.

As of right now, I am definitely putting Yellow on my Ambassador 3DS. I also plan to continue my Pokemon Tradition tradition and put Red on my Blue 3DS (I play Y and OmegaRuby on it) and Blue on my Red 3DS (I play X and AlphaSapphire on it). The original Red, Blue and Yellow have a Pokedex of 151 though Mew was only released in the U.S. Nintendo Events.

There are some X Factors we still don’t know about how their release will be handled. I have three concerns I hope will be addressed before or just after the games are released:

  1. Will you be able to acess the Surfing Pikachu Minigame in Yellow? In the original game, you needed access to Pokemon Stadium 1 to teach Pikachu Surf. Obviously that’s not possible in the VC version. The question is if there will be an alternate method.
  2. Would you be able to trade if you have 2 or all 3 games on one 3DS? I have two 3DS games myself and fortunately I know to put Red and Blue on separate consoles. Even without Yellow I will still be able to finish the Pokedex.
  3. Will MissingNo. be in the VC versions? Several sites have said the only change to the VC versions will be in regards to trading and battling.  It looks like we won’t know until the games are released.

The first quarter of 2016 suddenly became very big for the 3DS!

That said, I will share with folks now the following Pokemon in Red/Blue/Yellow you only get one shot at getting. Thanks to the Save State feature in all VC games, you will want to SAVE before battling them:

  • Kabuto or Omanyte: In Mt. Moon, you will be given the opportunity to get the Helix Fossil (Omanyte) or the Dome Fossil (Kabuto). You will only be able to choose ONE of them. Once you’ve chosen the fossil, you will need to take it to the Cinnabar Lab at a later point in the game to revive the fossil. The revived Pokemon will be level 20 and both evolve at level 40.
  • Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee: When you visit Saffron City, you will have the opportunity to get one of the two fighting Pokemon. When you defeat all the trainers in the Fighting Dojo (next to the Saffron City Gym), you will be rewarded with one of the two Pokemon. You can only get one of them, though. It will be level 30.
  • Snorlax: You will actually have TWO opportunities to catch what’s easily the most powerful Normal-type in the 1st Gen and one of the most powerful Pokemon overall in the 1st Gen. Once you have the Poke Flute, you will be able to wake it up. Two Snorlax block the way to Fuschia City: One east of Vermillion City, the other West of Celadon City. It is level 30 and knows its signature ability Rest. Bring ALOT of Ultra Balls and Great Balls!
  • Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres: I reccommend waiting until after Team Rocket has been dealt with since all 3 are level 50. Articuno is in the deepest part of Seafoam Island and requires Surf and Strength to reach. Zapdos is in the Power Plant, which requires Surf to reach. Moltres, who was actually moved in the GBA remakes is in Victory Road and requires Strength to reach. That said, I reccommend going through Victory Road to the Pokemon League first, saving and healing your team before you go back to challenge Moltres. To catch all 3, you WILL have to put them to sleep: Use Poliwhirl/Poliwrath for Articuno and Moltres (Hypnosis) for defensive purposes. Likewise, use Hypno or Vileplume/Victreebel for Zapdos (Hypnosis or Sleep Powder).
  • Mewtwo: True Pokemon Masters don’t use Master Balls to catch Mewtwo. Getting to The Genetic Pokemon requires clearing The Pokemon League. You will also need Pokemon that know Surf and Flash to travel to the very end of The Unknown Dungeon. There are crazy-powerful Pokemon in this cave, but none come close to Mewtwo, who is level 70. Mewtwo stood as the highest-level catchable Wild Pokemon until Arceus in Diamond/Pearl/Platium (Event Pokemon, Level 80) and Deoxys in OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire (Delta Episode, Level 80). Mewtwo also held the crown for most Powerful Legendary until Artceus came along in the 4th Gen. It takes pleasure in breaking dozens of Poke Balls if left awake and can 1-shot just about everything put in front of it due to its obscenely high Special Stat. This is where the rookies are separated from the masters: Will you catch it the old-fashioned way or will you take the easy way out and use the Master Ball, which specifically has Mewtwo’s name on it?


Well, there ya go. Of course, back in the first gen certain things introduced later on don’t exist:

  • Hold Items
  • Mega Evolution
  • The Dark, Steel and Fairy Types
  • Pokemon Breeding
  • Special Stat not split into Special Attack and Special Defense
  • Attacks Split between Other, Special and Physical
  • Evolutions and Pre-Evolutions introduced after the 1st Gen

Magnemite and Magneton are just Electric types and Mr. Mime is just a Psychic type in the 1st Gen. Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Clefairy and Clefable are also Normal Types like they were prior to the 6th Gen. You can’t evolve Onix into Steelix or breed Pikachu to get Pichu. Finally, no Mega Charizard X!

Ok, I think that’s enough out of me. Due to the release of these games, I will write a guide for all three games. Look forward to it =O

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