I noticed something interesting about the Choreography for a certain song in P4DAN

Specifically the Lotus Juice Remix of Backside of the TV, which is performed by Yosuke Hanamura. Here is it from four different angles played simultaneously:

Doesn’t the choreography look remarkably similar to a certain Artist? Specifically, this one:



Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.

I couldn’t put my finger on it until I fired up Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, Bad and Beat It on You Tube. Then I compared it to choreography in P4DAN. Some of the moves perfectly match some of the choreography from those four songs. No doubt about it.

This is definitely worth looking further into to find out for sure. It could all just be one massive coincidence. It could also be that they drew inspiration from the King of Pop. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. That said, they can’t exactly be sued or anything since they don’t claim ownership of the choreography. In fact, the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of The Michael Jsckson Experience have Let’s Dance-like tutorials for MJ’s songs and they’re step by step.

It’s still pretty interesting to say the least if there is a connection!



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