Nintendo: Info on the next Console to come sometime in 2016

Gotta hand it to Nintendo: They know how to maintain hype.

The latest rumor circulating the internet on the new console codenamed Nintendo NX is that it will be a hybrid console: It will function as both a Home Console Wii U and a Portable Console combined. The problem with that is it’s already been announced the NX is not a successor like the Wii U was for the Wii. Confused yet? I know I sure am!

Basically, it looks like Nintendo’s doing the same thing Sega did in the second half of the 90s right now: They’re releasing multiple consoles in a very short amount of time. The closest we’ve seen of this before was during the transition from Gamecube to Wii. That worked because the Wii had full backwards compatability with Gamecube games, controllers and memory cards.

The concept of interchanging console and handheld play was introduced by Nintendo back in 1997 with Pokemon Stadium for the Nintendo 64. I literally spent 18 straight months playing just THAT game. Sony got in on that action with the Vita, PS3 and PS4. The Wii U’s touchpad can play Wii U games but you still had to stay within range of the console. Prettymuch you could play your Wii U games in bed if you wanted to.

Nintendo sent Nintendo NX developer kits to over two dozen 3rd party developers a few days ago. Square Enix let it slip they were developing games for the NX but quickly revised their announcement. This confirmed Square Enix has their developer kit so yeah. It’s believed the console itself will be unveiled early next year and will likely be released during the 4th Quarter of 2016.

As was reported for the last 14 months, the Wii U has been selling at a loss since its release in 2012. Nintendo started shiftinng resources from its handheld division to the Wii U to help prop up the console and likely help with the NX, which is said to be a companion console for both the Wii U and the 3DS family consoles. Speculation has been rampant to say the least.



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