Got my Second Vita Last Week


It’s the Limited Edition Aqua Blue one, which is a Gamestop exclusive. I also bought the 64GB Memory Card from Amazon to go with it.


Here it is next to my first Vita:


Under the hood, the consoles are near-identical. The Blue one is actually the slimmer model Sony started making sometime last year. It’s lighter and uses the same USB Cable as an iPad prettymuch. It’s ok if you didn’t know about the slimmer model–Sony never gave the Vita a chance, after all.

I spent the last few days migrating my larger digital games and games with alot of DLC Content to my new Vita. I also took the time to back up all of my saved data for all my Vita games to both of my computers just in case. I have Playstation Plus for automatic backups but you never know. Like with my 3DS Consoles, I never leave home with both. The black one stays home while I travel with the blue one. I have Near enabled on both consoles so it’s all good. Of course, I also took the time to move all of my movies and Anime episodes around. Thanks to the new Vita I can now safely delete ALOT of video files from my PS3 to make room for PS3 games I bought earlier this year but never played due to low space.

This also means my PSP Go is officially retired. The PSP Go comes with 20GB of memory (of which you get 16GB to play with) but does not support UMDs. So, if you don’t have at least a PS3 or PS4 it’s useless to you.  It’s a digital-only handheld. Wasn’t a problem for me of course but I know folks prefer the flexability of being able to do both and decide.

I am prettymuch set in terms of Vita games for a good while. Of course, I use my Vita for things other than playing video games so…yeah. Gonna buy a few more movies!

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