Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow now available on the eShop


The games were made available for download at midnight. Yours truly bought all three: Red and Yellow on my Blue 3DS and Blue on my Red 3DS. I plan to finish the Pokedex in Red and Blue before I finish Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. For those waiting for my review, sorry but you’re probably gonna be waiting until April XD

…Let’s be honest, no one thought Nintendo would not only release Fire, Red and Blue (as well as Green in Japan) on the 3DS eShop but with Wireless Trading and Battles enabled. The Poke Trio are the ONLY Virtual Console games with wireless communications enabled. They are also the only Virtual Console games with Save State disabled for obvious reasons. Nintendo knew they couldn’t release the games with trading/battling disabled so…yeah.

To those who never played the First Gen games, you’re in for a culture shock. The following mechanics did not exist or are different in the first Gen, for they were introduced later:

  • Pokemon can’t hold items (Introduced in 2nd Gen) and my extension Onix, Porygon, Scyther and Pokemon that gained an additional evolution through trading while holding an item (Politoed and Slowking) don’t evolve
  • No Night and Day (Introduced in the 2nd Gen)
  • Special Attack and Special Defense are combined (Split in 2nd Gen)
  • No Mega Evolution (Introduced in 6th Gen)
  • No Abilities or Natures (Introduced in the 3rd Gen)
  • Gust is a Normal Type Move (Made Flying in the 2nd Gen)
  • Dark and Steel Types don’t exist–Magnemite and Magneton are pure Electric Types in the 1st Gen
  • No Breeding or Pre-Evolutions (Introduced in the 2nd Gen)
  • No Move Deleter or Move Reminder (Introduced in the 2nd Gen though the Move Reminder was introduced in Crystal)
  • No post-League areas aside from Cerulean Cave
  • Fairy Types don’t exist–Clefairy, Jigglypuff and their evolutions are Normal Types
  • TMs are 1-time use (Changed in 5th Gen to be reusable)
  • No Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sandstorm or Hail (introduced in the 2nd and 3rd Gens)
  • The Bag could only store 20 Items TOTAL (Expanded upon starting in the 2nd Gen)
  • No Double, Triple, Rotation or Inverse Battles (Introduced in the 3rd and 5th Gens)
  • Mewtwo is the most powerful Pokemon in the game (Dark and Steel types introduced in the 2nd Gen to address this)

…I could go on.

Red, Blue and Yellow (and Green in Japan) are the games where it all began. Everything introduced in the 2nd Gen onward would not have happened without the 1st Gen.



In the 1st Gen, Mewtwo is king. No one Pokemon can take down Mewtwo: It can OHKO everything except Chansey, Mr. Mime and Jynx, all of which it can take down in 3 turns max. This is course assuming all involved Pokemon are the same level. If Mewtwo has Amnesia, it can easily sweep a whole team by itself.

Not gonna lie, I did alot of gambling 20 years ago. I’d challenge kids to Pokemon Battles using just Mewtwo against their whole teams. The reactions when they saw all six of their Pokemon get swept by Mewtwo never got old.

Mewtwo is deadly with prettymuch anything. Most Sweeper sets run Psychic and three other coverage moves: Ice Beam (for accuracy) or Blizzard (1-shots prettymuch everything), Thunderbolt (for accuracy) or Thunder (1-shots prettymuch everything), Flamethrower (For accuracy) or Fire Blast (1-shots prettymuch everything) or Submission (for Chansey). For Defense/Overkill, Recover or Rest (Mewtwo’s powerful enough to withstand Explosion after Barrier’s been used to pull off Rest), Amnesia (1-shots everything except Chansey after just one use) or Barrier (One use and Mewtwo can take its time tearing through whole teams).

…Thank you Nintendo for giving my the opportunity to do this to a whole new generation of unsuspecting trainers =O

An interesting fun fact: Pokemon was for a whole generation their very first RPG. Folks who might not want to be bothered playing Final Fantasy back in the day had no problem playing Pokemon. It was mostly due to Nintendo’s clever marketing, which places no emphasis on the overt RPG mechanics in the games.

In celebration of today being Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary (WOOT!), my list of my 10 all-time favorite Pokemon will be live in a few minutes. It’s not completely filled out but the list is done. Spent a bit too much detail on my #1 Favorite, which should be easy to guess at this point ^_^

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