World of Warcraft: Legion goes live August 30, 2016; Faction Leader’s Death Confirmed

Before I begin,  I want to state I am not in the Alpha or the Beta for Legion. Much of what I know I got from MMO-Champion.

That said, anyone who’s seen the official website for Legion should know by now Andiun is now the King of Stormwind. This leads to the obvious question “What happened to Varian?”

I present this video. Before you watch, know that there are MAJOR Legion spoilers. It is the Alliance version of The Broken Shore intro quest at the beginning of the expansion’s content. There is some video content missing (This is from the Alpha) but yes, Varian dies.

…The video ends just before the Artifact + Class Hall Quest Chain would begin for players. I assume everyone is aware Retribution Paladins get The Ashbringer so I’ll confirm it: Tirion dies at the Broken Shore. Recovering the legendary sword is part of the Retribution Paladin Artifact quest chain.

The death of Varian is a devastating blow to the Alliance. Anduin not only has to lead the Alliance against the Legion but he also needs to do reign in Genn Greymane (remember him?) and keep tabs on Jaina Proudmoore (for those who need a refresher, she’s anti-Horde after Theramore was bombed in the MoP pre-event). The Horde has problems of their own post-Broken Shore: Vol’Jin is missing and Sylvanas is acting Warchief. To make things more complicated, Thrall has been dealing with depression since his duel with Garrosh on Draenor regarding Doomhammer (Enhancement Shaman Artifact) and isn’t able to really help with the Legion.

Hence the emphasis on Class Halls in Legion. I am hoping to continue my usual trend of playing the new expansion within a week of launch. It’s sure to be interesting to say the least!


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