Microsoft ceases production of the Xbox 360

…We knew this day would eventually come: The Xbox 360 is now a collector’s item.

Released in the US on November 22, 2005, the Xbox 360 was the second of the three last-gen consoles to be released. The Wii was released a year earlier and the PS3 was released exactly one year later (LOL). 70% of those dumb enough to have bought the launch version (left) had their consoles die–sometimes literally in flames–to the Red Ring of Death.

The problem was so bad, when the PS3 was released in North America the following year, folks were trading in their 360s for PS3s in droves. My older brother didn’t experience this problem but he traded his in for a PS3 anyways (he’s a Sony fanboy). For those who don’t know, the RRoD was primarily caused by the console overheating. The thing is, you can leave the console running for a few days and be fine. That said, I don’t reccommend doing this with any console unless you’re using it.

The real kick in the pants: Third party cooling fans designed to cool the console were the ROOT cause of the overheating! How? The devices are placed OVER the vent where the existing internal fan is. Microsoft ended up being vindicated here when they said from day one the internal fan ALONE was enough to keep the console cool. The external fan was not only not doing its job–it was redirecting hot air INTO the console–but the fan itself is powered by–you guessed it–the console itself. Luckily for me and my younger brother, we found out not long after we got ours to prevent the RRoD from happening.

When I bought my own 360, I simply followed conventional wisdom: I put it on a shelf with nothing else and made sure the vents are not obstructed in any way. I’ve owned my 360 for 8 years now and have had ZERO problems with it other than running out of free space because of how much Movies and Anime I bought. The problem was permanently resolved with the update last summer allowing folks to use 1TB or 2TB external hard drives on the 360. I bought a 1TB hard drive as soon as I found out. LOL.

Moving on:

Rather than go into full panic mode (regarding the RRoD), Microsoft decided to use the opportunity to relaunch the console in 2007 with the Slim Model along with its new prehep, the Kinect. This was the version I would buy in 2008 from a Best Buy for $300, primarily because of my then Zune account and no longer wanting to share consoles with my kid brother. I’m the only one of my brothers who likes RPGs. I bought Tales of Vesperia the year before but couldn’t finish it because he had the console most of the time.

Anyone who’s owned a 360 or a PS3 is well aware they rendered DVD Players obsolete and were stiff competition for Blu-Ray Players.  I believe I made posts like this back in 2012 and again when the Xbox One and PS4 were announced but with the Microsoft and Sony consoles, you can do more than just play video games.

In addition to gaming, you can do all of the following:

  • Watch DVDs (Xbox 360) and Blu-Ray (Xbox One, PS3 and PS4)
  • Stream Subscription Services (Netflix, Crunchyroll, WWE Network, Hulu Plus, etc.)
  • Download and watch Movies and TV Episodes via Xbox Live.
  • Play and Rip Music CDs
  • Going with the above: Play Music while playing certain video games(!)
  • Watch You Tube Videos

So, yeah.

Not gonna lie, I’ve used my 360 for all of the above reasons more than playing games since I bought it 8 years ago. It’s more convenient for me and I don’t have to buy a DVD Player (or Blu-Ray Player in the case of my PS3). I do have video games both physical and digital I play on my 360. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 was the last 360 game I bought and I got it two months ago. I plan to buy an Xbox One so I can play Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

That said, the timing is very interesting given the 500GB version of console’s price dropped to $300 ($350 with the Kinect, which is $100 separately) and the 1TB version is now $350 ($400 with the Kinect) during the holidays. From what I can tell, the temporary drop for the 500GB version to $250 with or without the Kinect might become permanent to boost sales over the PS4’s new $300 price tag.

…I hope to buy an Xbox One this fall.

I should have a new job by then so…yeah. After migrating all my data from my 360, the older console will be retired to my closet. It still works perfectly and besides, Gamestop rips off folks who sell to them anyways. In fact, I might buy another 360 from another secondhand store downtown before they’re suddenly hard to find. I made the mistake of waiting too long with the PSP Go and the Gamecube so…yeah.

Anyways if you were waiting for the price to drop to a more reasonable amount like I did, now’s the time to buy one! It’s my personal policy to NEVER pay more than $300 for a console and never more than $200 for a handheld console (I got a launch 3DS but technically didn’t pay the $250 it sold for at the time out of pocket). So, I wait until the price comes down.


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