Looks like I underestimated the significance of Gamergate


Some might remember the blog post I made on it two years back.

It’s been nearly two years since the Twitter war that nearly destroyed Gaming Journalism happened in the summer of 2014. In a bid to not turn this into a super-long essay, I compiled my thoughts on how the imfamous moment destroyed the modern online video game community in not one but two videos. Here is the first:


…The hood’s on because my hair’s a mess. LOL. Also, those of perscription glasses. They make me look my age now that I think about it XD

Here’s the other video. This time, I give my thoughts on how the incident itself divided the community as well as my opinion of Let’s Play Videos:


So there you have it.

Will I do more hybrid blog posts like this? Possibly. It actually reminds me I do need to finish my Let’s Talk Clannd video though. LOL. I actually have a TON of other videos I haven’t even uploaded yet so…yeah.

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