The Nintendo 2DS’s price now reduced to $80

Yes, permanently. The price drop is as of today.

In a statement released ahead of the price drop, Nintendo said the Nintendo 2DS is an “entry-level” handheld in the 3DS family of consoles. Not just in terms of price but accessibility: The lack of a hinge design makes it easier for kids and folks with small hands to use the console. The 2DS plays ALL 3DS family games as well as all Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games. The only thing the 2DS lacks is the 3D function. No 3DS mode in short. It has everything else, though.

I doubt the 2DS will drop below $80 anytime soon–that’s twice the price of a new 3DS game. You can’t help but wonder if the 2DS is being phased out though it is still being supported. Only time will tell.

…I plan to buy one for my niece and nephew in the near future, though. They’re old enough to be able to handle it now.


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