Review: Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation (Nintendo 3DS)

…Being honest, I played Revelations right after I wrote my Birthright Review. I simply waited before posting this review. I cleared Revelations in three days. In case anyone missed my review of both Conquest and Birthright, I own a physical copy of both games. Naturally, that also means yes I own two copies of all three campaigns. It’s what I do. LOL.

Like I did with my Birthright review, I’ll do my best to avoid repeating what I’ve already gone over. One correction I would like to make here from my Birthright review is in regards to visiting other players’ My Castles: Fight them in their castle for the opportunity to recruit an Einherjar version of their squad or buy a Skill from one of their defenders at a reduced price.

Anyone who’s visited other My Castles using the Vistor/Battle Point filter will have noticed the throne is unguarded and NONE of the defenders move or attack. They are doing everyone a HUGE service: You simply jave to seize the throne and take your pick of skills or recruits to add to your guestbook. Follow their example and manually set your Streepass Defenders to HOLD and keep the throne empty. There are ZERO consequences to your game or online stats for doing this. Also: give an accessory to the guest player before battling them in their castle: It will speed up the Bond Unit-making process.

I’ll also throw in a handy tip for those trying to decide between recruiting a player or buying a Skill: Buy the Skill. A copy of the guest player’s character you bought a skill from is automatically added to your Unit Logbook. THIS is how you get skills on your forces that they would otherwise be locked out of getting on your save file such as Pavise, Aptitude, Renewal, Hoshidan/Nohrian Loyalty and Replicate. This also takes the choice factor out if you pick a certain skill over another: Just but the other skill(s) you wanted back in your own castle via the Unit Logbook. Before I forget: In order to get the option of recruiting or inheriting an opponent’s skill/character, you must fight them in THEIR castle with NO HANDICAPS.

Finally, there are certain characters you can’t recruit or get skills from via My Castle. Aside from the 4 Amiibo imports–Marth, Roy, Robin and Lucina–you also can’t recruit bosses captured by Niles or Orochi. Speaking of, you can’t recruit or inherit skills from characters you haven’t recruited yet or can’t recruit on the campaign you’re on. If you’re playing Conquest, you can’t recruit Ryoma for example. If you’re playing Birthright, you can’t recruit Xander. One will also notice captured units do not have a Personal Skill. Only story characters, bond units + Anna do.

Now to the campaign itself. Before I begin, there will be major plot spoilers for all three campaigns. Scroll down to the next picture if you DO NOT want to be spoiled since I will not be using my usual spoiler color scheme.

To begin, I HIGHLY reccommend doing the two Hidden Truths DLC Maps before playing Revelations. Not only does it explain how and why Inigo (Laslow), Owain (Odin) and Severa (Selena) are in Nohr, it’s also explains why Lilith sacrifices herself to protect Corrin in Birthright and Conquest: Lilith is actually Corrin’s younger sister. That said, Lilith doesn’t die in Revelations and neither does Azura–or the Heroes from Awakening–reveal how they know what they know late game even though the conditions for them to do so are present.

Moving on, in Revelations Corrin decides not to side with Hoshido or Nohr. They can’t bring themselves to side with either kingdom and wants to achieve peace in a way that doesn’t pit the kingdoms against each other. This puts them at odds with Xander and Ryoma, who sent their forces on Corrin. After defeating soldiers from both armies Felicia/Jakob, Azura and Corrin flee the battlefield. Azura has an idea but first they will need to go back to The Bottomless Canyon, which Gunther fell into.

They come to the Kingdom of Valla–Azura’s true homeland. Because of a curse placed upon the kingdom, it cannot be spoken of outside Valla. Any who try will vanish. Those invisible troops you fought in Birthright and Conquest? Yep, they’re from Valla. Anankos–that name should sound familiar to those who played Conquest–is an ancient dragon once revered as a God of Valla and now rules as its king. He is the one pulling the strings behind the conflict between Hoshido and Nohr. After meeting up with Gunther (who fell into Valla), Corrin and Azura decide to leave Valla for now and recruit an army so they can challenge Anankos.

The pair first travels to Hoshido where they recruit Sakura, Takumi and their retainers. Korrin runs into Elise, who joins with Korrin along with her retainers. While at sea, the group is attacked by Camilla. After defeating her, she accepts Korrin’s request to join the coalition army along with Camilla’s retainers. Hinoka and her retainers joins the group not long afterward. In the battles that follow, most of the cast from both Conquest and Birthright join Corrin except Yukimora: Someone needs to stay behind and run Hoshido, after all.

As Korrin prepares to return to Valla, Hans launches an ambush. Thanks to the timely arrival of Ryoma, his retainers and Scarlet Corrin’a forces prevail. Nohrian reinforcements are all that stand between Corrin and Valla. Thanks to the timely arrival of Leo, Xander and their retainers, Corrin’s forces break through. Now with everyone in Valla, Corrin and Azura are free to explain why they couldn’t explain their actions up to now. Due to a surprising betrayal, Scarlet dies during their descent into Valla.

The Hoshidan royals + Corrin and Azura are in for the shock of their lives as they face the ghosts of their dead parents raised from the dead by Anankos: Queen Arete (Azura’s mother), King Sumeragi and Mikoto.  The Nohrian royals are also shocked to learn King Garon had been corrupted by Anankos and made his pawn for some time. After defeating Anankos, Corrin becomes the new ruler of Valla. Azura pulls a Camilla and abdicates the throne to her cousin. With Valla, Nohr and Hoshido now at peace, the newly coronated King Ryoma and King Xander both vow to help Corrin rebuild The Invisible Kingdom.

…Major props to Intelligent Systems for making such a solid story. It’s also only in Revelations that you get the Yato’s completed form, Omega Yato, also called the (wait for it) Fire Emblem. It is only possible with Xander, Leo, Ryoma and Takumi’s weapons all being present. All that said: Azura is  is actually a blood relative of Corrin’s: Mikoto’s sister was Queen Arete, making them cousins. The cousins were both born in Valla but grew up in Nohr and Hoshido (Corrin came to Hoshido as a newborn).

The Hoshidan Royals probably weren’t all born to Queen Mikoto but still viewed her as their mother all the same. Camilla also states in a few support conversations all of the Nohrian siblings have different mothers as well. Not uncommon in traditional royalty though it is pretty interesting Azura was prettymuch ostracized when she was living in Nohr. It’s also likely Garon lost his soul after Queen Arete died: It was shortly after that Xander noticed his father began to change.

Revelations is so called for a good reason: In a bid to avoid breaking the fourth wall, the characters are made aware of what the player likely figured out after playing Conquest and Birthright: Someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Revelations is the only Campaign in which you not only don’t fight King Garon but there is no theater battle either: Azura’s clothing when she performs is different in Conquest and Birthright. Cyrkensia is in ruins in Revelations as well.

You also get access to just about everyone from both campaigns except Yukimora and Scarlet, who are both exclusive to Birthright’s Campaign. To recruit Yukimora, upgrade a Puppet to level 3 and then complete a battle. He will automatically join you in your castle. Scarlet automatically joins with Ryoma in Birthright. Fuga is also exclusive to Revelation. To recruit Fuga, upgrade the Hot Spring to level 3 and the complete a battle. Flora can also only be recruited in Conquest and Revelations: Upgrade a siege weapon to level 3 and then complete a battle. Gunther rejoins the party in both Conquest and Revelations the first time you visit Valla in either campaign.

Kaze, Silas, Jakob, Felicia, Azura, Shura, Izana and Mozu can all be recruited in all three campaigns. Kaze will permanently leave the party in Birthright after Chapter 15 unless he has an A Support with Corrin. You get both Felicia and Jakob but when you get them depends on Corrin’s gender: If Korrin is male, you get Felicia early on and Jakob after Chapter 15. Vice versa if Korrin’s female. Kaden (joins in Birthright, enemy in Conquest) and Keaton (joins in Conquest, enemy in Birthright) both join Korrin in Revelations.

It is interesting to note the fact that Korrin can transform into a dragon is prettymuch overlooked plotwise, or so it seems. It’s never actually said but I think Azura figured out Corrin was Anankos’ child. By right of succession, Corrin would be next in line if she renounced her claim to the throne, which she does. The 8 royals can use Dragon Veins because they have the blood of a dragon in their veins passed down through the ages. It’s just wierd to me that the fact that Korrin can transform into a dragon is never returned to in any of the campaigns aside from when Korrin talks to Kana about it during their paralogue.

…Overall, I give Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation  9/10.


It does its job of completing the story. I think I said this in my review of Conquest but I think all three paths are technically canon: It’s simply a matter of choices. Hence the Japanese name of the game, IF. The path you chose changes the lives of many one way or another. Revelations is the most ideal as all 8 royals are alive in the end.

I would be remiss if I did not share a clean copy of Axura’s song Lost in Thoughts All Alone:

…And here are the English Lyrics. It is performed by Rena Strober, who is a regular on Serenes Forest.


You are the ocean’s grey waves
Destined to seek light beyond the shore just out of reach
Yet the waters ever change
Flowing like time the path is yours to climb

In the white light a hand reaches through
a double-edged blade cuts your heart in two
Waking dreams fade away
embrace the brand new day

Sing with me a song of birthrights and love
the light scatters to the sky above
Dawn breaks through the gloom white as a bone
lost in thoughts all alone

You are the ocean’s grey waves
destined to seek light beyond the shore just out of reach
Yet the waters ever change
flowing like time the path is yours to climb

Embrace the dark you call your home
gaze upon an empty white throne
A legacy of lies
a familiar disguise

Sing with me a song of conquest and fate
the black pillar cracks beneath its weight
Night breaks through the day hard as a stone
lost in thoughts all alone

The path you walk on belongs to destiny
Just let it flow
All of your joy and your pain will fall like the tide
Let it flow

Life is not just filled with happiness
Nor sorrow
Even the thorn in your heart
In time it may become a rose

A burdened heart sinks into the ground
A veil falls away without a sound
Not day nor night
Wrong nor right
For truth and peace you fight

Sing with me a song of silence and blood
The rain falls but can’t wash away the mud
Within my ancient heart dwells madness and pride
Can no one hear my cry

You are the ocean’s grey waves
Destined to seek light beyond the shore just out of reach
Yet the waters ever change
Flowing like time the path is yours to climb

You are the ocean’s grey waves

The two verses I bolded and colored are the parts Azura sings in Cyrkensia. They refer directly to Corrin’s campiagns in Birthright and Conquest. The third refers to the events of Revelations. I won’t elaborate further since I think the lyrics make it quite clear without spoiling things for those who don’t know. So, yeah: You HAVE to play all three campaigns eventually. Why else do you think the two campaigns you don’t start with is offered digitally for $20 each?

…Anyways, now it’s on to finishing the Support Conversations Library and THAT is gonna take me a SEVERAL playthroughs to do. Funny thing is I haven’t finished it in Awakening yet, either. Both will be long-term things to do when I’m feeling bored I guess.

One last thing I forgot to mention:

…Corrin’s technically barefoot =O

Oh and you can also play as Corrin in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U. Like Robin, you can play as Male or Female Corrin but unlike Robin he is paid DLC. Corrin also comes bundled with a remixed version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone. Corrin’s Final Smash is the Dragon form and yes, it was released ahead of Fates earlier this year. Gotta love Cross-Promotions!



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