Know what? The 3DS Version of Devil Survivor 1 is WAY Better than the DS Version


…I probably would’ve said the same if I played the DS Version first. LOL. After only hearing about the DS Version on social media for months, I bought it in January but only recently started playing it. Having already beaten the 3DS Version at least 4 times (I believe I’m on my 5th playthrough now, can’t remember offhand), I knew the DS Version was a downgrade. Man, oh man.

…Here’s the things the 3DS Version has that make it superior to the DS Version:

  • Two Save Slots: DS Version has just one
  • Fully Voiced: No VAs in the DS Version
  • Able to swap out/in demons during battle (can’t in DS Version)
  • Able to run during battles (can’t in DS Version)
  • Demon Compendium (Absent from the DS Version)
  • Enhanced NG+ (Unlockable bonuses, Can carry over demons with each playthrough, etc.)
  • Improved Text Formatting
  • Additional postgame stoy involving Yuzu (Must clear her Route in the same playthrough to do it)

…That’s the jist.

The only thing I really miss from the 3DS Version is the compendium. Without a compendium, I’m less attached to specific demons. For those who may not have played the 3DS Version, once you’ve fused a demon or got it from the Auction it added to your Compendium. If you’ve played one of the Persona games the system is the same: Once saved, you can pay money to summon that demon for you to use.  I don’t mind the lack of spoken dialogue as I played the 3DS Version first already. It’s actually faster to skip through story content since I’ve already seen it. Being able to run in battles speeds up grinding levels. Being able to swap demons during battles is handy for when enemies gang up on one person. At least you’re not force to wait until their turn to replace demons.

The DS Version is INFERIOR to the 3DS Version. It’s not just an enhanced experience. It’s a polished one.


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