The latest Pokemon Go update breaks third-party app support, angers App users nationwide

…Even if I wasn’t casually using the App, the update would have had no effect on me: I didn’t use third party apps and haven’t spent a cent on the App, either. You know it’s “a big deal” when a pissed off Gamespot journalist writes about it. LOL REALLY??? If you want a REAL Pokemon experience, buy a 3DS and one of the 1st or sixth gen Pokemon games available on it. SO. MUCH. SALT. As one commenter said, the article is an obvious attempt at pressuring Niantic, the company that made the App to re-enabled third party support. I don’t see it happening personally.

Sounds like another casual Pokemon fan got addicted to the App to me. Given this is my first time acknowleging video game addiction, I’ll speak more to it in a separate blog. I will also return to a subject I touched on a while ago about “Hardcore” gamers. The one thing self-professed harcore gamers seem to have in common is they’re all cheapskates: They want AAA games but don’t want to pay for it. They want to “try” a completed game before they decide if it’s worth buying or not. If you don’t want to buy your games, that’s what Gamefly is for. LOL.

Back on topic, this update isn’t “Game-breaking” like the so-called “Hardcore Pokemon Go fans” have been saying. It just means you must use the App as it was originally intended is all. If you live in a rural area that doesn’t have alot of Pokestops or Gyms nearby, the App’s not worth your time. It’s that simple and really isn’t worth crying over. It IS a Pay to Get Ahead, after all. The only reason I decided to comment on “the outcry” is because of how hilarious I find it people who never intended to play the game as it was designed all along are now mad at the developer for forcing them to play the game as it was inteded.

…Sweet Irony.

That’s like being mad at your teacher for forcing you to take a test over again after you were caught cheating. LOL.

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