Sony Unveils PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim; both consoles to be released within 60 days from each other


Like the tagline Gamespot included, the announcement should surprise no one. Sony announced the PS4 Slim will become the new standard moving forward. By that I mean presumably for the rest of the PS4’s lifespan.

Here’s a picture of the console standing:


And here’s a picture of everything that comes in the box:


Like previous reduced-size consoles, the PS4 Slim is more energy efficient. It will also be 30% quieter than the original model.  Naturally it’s also physically smaller than the standard model. If you don’t recognize all the cables, the top one is headset and the one after it is for connecting the controller to the console for recharging purposes. The one after that is an HDMI Cable and the last one is the power adapter so…yeah. Noticably absent is the camera included with the original model, which was later made optional to cut down the price.

If you are a collector and don’t have the original model PS4 like I don’t, you might want to try getting your hands on one before they are phased out completely. The PS4 Slim contains a 500GB Hard drive, which is twice the size of the slim version of the PS3 (which I have). Just enough for 12-20 PS4 games. It will sell for $300 and will be released September 15.


My only real issue with the PS4 Pro is it looks identical to the PS4 Slim. The main difference is the PS4 Pro lights up:


To the untrained eye, they will be confused for the other. ALOT.

Anyway, the PS4 Pro is more powerful than the original PS4. Games load faster and look prettier, etc. It was clearly made with 4K TVs in mind but if you don’t have one, it will still work fine. You know the deal. Interestingly, the console will have a standard PS4 DVD Drive. I assume the reason for this is to keep the cost down in addition to the already stated reasons. The PS4 Pro will contain a 1TB Hard Drive and sell for $400. It will be released on November 10.


…Me, I plan to buy both eventually. I will probably get the Slim model first, then get the Pro model once it’s released. I never owned a PS4 before and as you know, I bought my first PS3 three years ago–A few months after the PS4 launched. Since I plan to buy both consoles, I will likely use the PS4 Slim to mostly play digital games and watch Blu-Ray Movies. I’ll use the PS4 to play physical games and also host my Digital HD movies. I figure as long as I don’t enable digital playback on the Slim, I should be able to set the Pro version as the “registered” console while still being able to use my PSN account on both consoles.

It really is interesting: Both the Slim and Pro versions cost around the same as the PS4 when it launched. See, I got smart after I got my Nintendo 3DS at launch: No longer will I buy consoles when they launch. I’ll wait a few years so that when I do get it, there will already be a large number of games released on the console. I feel like that was how I got the most out of my PS3. Well, that and I already knew what video games I wanted when I bought it so…yeah.  I rarely window shop XD

I think it’s also worth noting the timing for the new PS4 models. The Nintendo NX. which we know little about is scheduled to be released sometime next year. This could be seen as Sony simply not willing to take any chances with that.  Next step, Sony: Revive the Vita!


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