New shorts Pokemon Generations debuts on You Tube

…I should’ve seen this coming after Pokemon Origins.

Here is the trailer:

The first two episodes were released today.  It will be 18 episodes long and wrap up in December. The short videos are obviously The Pokemon Company’s way of giving those who aren’t as well-versed in Pokemon Lore a reason to buy the video games. The short videos revisit famous moments in the Pokemon Story from the first six gens including all of the teams of each region. There are also some behind the scenes moments to draw in those who already know their Pokemon history.

Here is Episode 1:

And here is Episode 2:

In Episode 1, the nostalgia glasses are on. You will notice a legendary Pokemon makes a cameo appearance along the way: Zapdos (Gen 1), Lugia and Ho-Oh (Gen 2), Latias and Latios (Gen 3), Regigigas (Gen 3), Landorus (Gen 5) and Zygarde 100% (Gen 6/7). Technically, that version of Zygarde will be in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon (Gen 7) but the Zygarde from Gen 6 you may be familiar with was revealed to be just Zygarde at 50% strength. Zygarde has two other forms which along with its 100% form are introduced in Sun and Moon.

In Episode 2, the story obviously takes place after the events of Red/Yellow/Blue. The detective is Looker, who is actually introduced much later in the Pokemon Series. He is investigating the evil teams in each of his in-game appearances so…yeah.

Should be real interesting. Blue’s battle with Lance at the Elite Four I am especially interested in seeing, mainly because of the obvious reference to the Pokemon Origins miniseries. I would also like to see Mewtwo’s origin story as well. I kinda feel like it has to be done at this point since Mewtwo was not only the first Super Legendary but it is also one of the most well known and most powerful Lorewise. Mewtwo was also man made so…yeah. Too much material to not get into that.

Episodes will be released every Thursday. Follow the Official Pokemon Channel to stay in the know for new episodes ^_^

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