Lotus Juice blames Persona 5 for the lack of new music


For those who’ve never heard of him, Lotus Juice is a Japanese rapper who raps in English. Unlike many other Japanese artists who sing verses in English, Lotus Juice is actually fluent and there is no accent in his music. Lotus Juice is well known for his work with the Persona games and has been recording music with Shoji Meguro (Atlus) starting in Persona 3, which made him famous in North America.

LJ does vocals for remixed versions of the game’s cover song Burn My Dread:

Those who’ve seen the Persona 4 Anime have likely heard the track he did for Kanji Tatsumi’s theme True Revelation:

Here’s my personal favorite, Backside of the TV from Persona 4 Dancing All Night:

He also does his own work independent of video games. Here is his hit track Carpe Diem:

And here is a live show he did in Japan two years ago:

Goes without saying LJ is legit to seamlessly switch between Japanese and English without a Japanese accent. It actually plays to English’s growing popularity Japan’s youth thanks to American media. If you didn’t know what he looked like, you would have assumed he was an American artist. The man is a video game fan himself. In fact, he tweeted the following yesterday:

…Western Persona fans are well aware Persona 5 was delayed (again) until sometime in 2017 but it was recently released in Japan. All I can say is the game will be WELL worth the wait if Lotus Juice is willing to lose money over it. LOL.


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