Pokemon X, Y OR and AS Holo Caster Feature Now Offline



I light of the news the PGL is shutting down later this month, this should come as no surprise. Serebii.net reported Sunday the in-game Holo Caster Feature, which was used to share news, promotions and updates with players is now offline. Players who use the Holo Caster feature will be greeted with the message “This feature has been discontinued”.

…At this point, those who have X/Y/OR/AS–or all four games like I do–can and should now disable the X/Y/OR/AS Streetpass. It will have to be done manually from the 3DS Settings App. PokeMiles no longer have a purpose since PGL going offline sometime this month in preparation for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.


…Those of you with Pokemon Bank can relax: Your Pokemon will be unaffected. The Pokemon Company announced there will be an update to Poke Transporter that will allow players to send Pokemon from the Gen 1 Games (Red, Blue and Yellow) to the Seventh Gen games (Sun and Moon) but NOT the 6th Gen Games (X, Y, OR and AS). In addition, players will also be able to send Gen 6 Pokemon to Gen 7 but it will be 1-way.

Presumably, it will be a large update because of the changes being made and will hopefully make Poke Bank the standard for players to manage their Pokemon across multiple games and gens. First, the coding will be added to enable players to transfer Pokemon from Gen VI to Gen VII. It’ll be a 1-way transfer so it’ll be quick and easy. Presumably there will be some in-game gating like Gens 4 and 5 where you need to clear the main game first (Gen 5) or See every Pokemon in the Alola Pokedex (Gen 4). There was no such gating in Gen 6 in regards to Gen 5 thankfully (LOL!) and I hope the trend continues. I think there will be gating since almost everyone getting Sun/Moon likely has X/Y/OR/AS too.

The other Pokemon Bank update, which I think is both complex and interesting is the update to Poke Transporter. Currently, this is the App used to transfer Pokemon from the 5th Gen Pokemon games (Black, White, Black 2 and White 2) to the 6th Gen via Poke Bank. The update will allow players to transfer Pokemon from the 1st Gen Red/Blue/Yellow to the 7th Gen Sun/Moon but NOT the Sixth Gen. I can only assume there will be a separate storage for this purpose.

It is also worth pointing out all of the Alolan Pokemon introduced so far are 1st Gen Pokemon. There is definitely a connection of some kind. We may find out as soon as this Tuesday: The Pokemon Company is expected to share some big news regarding Poke Bank in regards to the 1st and 7th Gen games. It should be interesting.

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