I just Preordered Fire Emblem Echoes and bought 5 3DS games released last year

…Like I did with Fire Emblem Fates (both Birthright and Conquest), I preordered the game in full. I don’t know if I will have income between now and May 19 but I decided to basically pay off the full amount in advance now than worry about not being able to later (LOL). I plan to preorder the Alm and Celica Amiibo set once I’m able to as well.

In addition to preordering Fire Emblem Echoes, I also bought the following 5 games:

  • Pokemon Sun
  • Stella Glow
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apoocalypes
  • Hyrule Warriors: Legends
  • Bravely Second: End Layer
  • Robin Amiibo (used with Super Smash Bros. and Fire Emblem Fates)

…I am also now forced to buy a New Nintendo 3DS XL as soon as I have the money: My Ambassador 3DS, which has a 16GB SD Memory Card (the biggest you can use on a 3DS or 2DS) is very low on free space. I actually deleted some Free to Play Games to make room for Spotpass Content from Hyrule Warriors Legends. The 3DS uses SD Memory Cards but you can only SD Memory Cards up to 16GB (Same as the DSi actually). The New Nintendo 3DS uses Micro SD Memory Cards but you can use them up to 64GB (Formatting needed for MicroSD Memory Cards above 32GB). I aim to buy a New Nintendo 3DS by this summer out of necessity in short now. LOL.

The five games I bought I made sure to get all physical copies. I’ll probably have to delete some digital games to make room for the Echoes DLC and I’m ok with that. Deleting Bravely Default (I have two digital copies, one on each 3DS) should take care of my needs until I get a New Nintendo 3DS and redownload it later this year. I already beat it on my Ambassador Nintendo 3DS a while back anyways.

Oh yeah, I also bought a Robin Amiibo. Robin is a Playable Character in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U. In addition to that, you can use Robin’s Amiibo to unlock him as a Playable Character in Fire Emblem Fates (All 3 Campaigns) and presumably Echoes when it’s released. That leaves getting the Marth, Roy, Ike and Lucina Amiibos. I expect to have to turn to Amazon for all of them since the demand is much higher. Ike, I think I might get lucky and find in a store though.

…Anywho, between the 5 games I bought and the game I preordered I’m sure i’m set for the rest of the year: All of them have replay value and unlike today’s gamers, I don’t mind playing the same game after the first play through. As of right now I am playing Stella Glow on my Red 3DS and the other four on my Blue Ambassador 3DS. The game I’m playing in my Blue 3DS at the moment is Bravely Second. So much fun to look forward to. I will have my First Look Review of Hyrule Warriors later this month ^_^


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