First Look Review: Persona 5 (PS4 Version)


Took 3 years but like only a handful of other games, the wait was worth it: Two years after the game’s release in Japan it was FINALLY released in North America this past Tuesday. P5 was easily the most anticipated PS3 game ever and one of the most anticipated PS4 games yet. I have both a PS3 and a PS4 but I decided to go with the PS4 version of the game to take advantage of the MASSIVE storage on my PS4 (1TB). The Persona recruitment mechanics are a throwback to the P1 and the Shin Megami Tensei series: When you Knock Down a Persona (called Hold Up in P5) you can talk to them. If this is your first encounter with them you can ask them to join you. Another method is beating them within an inch of their lives to the point they beg for mercy.

In comparison to the previous 2 Persona games (P4 and P3) the core mechanics are the same from Social Links to a calendar system to the Velvet room. The clear distinction is the Prison theme the game has. Things are prettymuch the same otherwise. P5’s open world is also MASSIVE compared to P4 and P5: The game takes place in Tokyo so…yeah. I played the game through the first major dungeon before I decided to write this analysis of the game. My postgame review…I imagine will be months away (LOL).

The basic premise of the game’s story is this: A fateful decision made by the game’s protagonist got him in trouble with the law and he was sent away to spend a year of Probation in Tokyo. A single mistake could see him hauled off to jail. The funny thing is the opening 3 minutes of the game clearly takes place much later in the story. The protagonist, who is the leader of the Imfamous Phantom Thieves is nabbed by the cops and brought in for questioning after a job goes horribly wrong. After being roughed up and drugged by the fuzz, a local prosecutor–who happens to be the older sister of one of the protagonists–interviews you. The flow of the story is everything that happened from beginning which you play.

Like I said before, I cleared the first major dungeon. That gave me a pretty good idea of a few things. The theme of the game is Emancipation. and Rebelling against unfair punishment and restorative justice. Along the way you encounter others with similar problems who will join or aid you on your quest to purge society of corruption. The interesting thing is the overt references to corruption and abuse of power are far more relevant today than they would have been 3 years ago. The game getting delayed twice is just a massive coincidence on that note. LOL.

My first playthrough…I can see it taking me two or three months to finish. I take it slow but as I noted with my previous blog I have 12 other PS4 games I got around the same time. So, yeah. I expect it will be some time before I see the end of the game. Of course, there IS also the remote possability P5 will get a Vita release. A guy can dream!

One last thing before I forget: You do not need to be familiar with the Persona series to play P5. It will help to have at least played P4 or P3 but is NOT required to play P5. I will say that if you are not a fan of traditional RPG mechanics in general you probably won’t like P5.

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