Nintendo quietly announces the New Nintendo 2DS XL

…Goes without saying I was too busy playing Persona 5 to catch this when news first broke the other day: A 2D variant of the New Nintendo 3DS is coming this summer. And I’m going to get it. As you guys know, I bought a New Nintendo 3DS XL last month. I still have the launch 3DS it replaced but as of tonight my former Ambassador 3DS will have a new owner. I still have my other standard 3DS but I was already thinking of buying a second New Nintendo 3DS but I’ll save $50 and get this instead. LOL.
This is what the back and underside look like. Like the 3D variant, the New 2DS will use MicroSD Memory Cards. Interestingly, there is a cover to prevent players from accidently touching the game card while playing unlike the New 3DS. As you can tell you also will not have to unscrew the back cover to insert your own MicroSD Memory Cards which is the case with the New 3DS.

As a reminder for those looking to pre-order and replace an older 3DS/2DS, you WILL need the older console to transfer everything to the new one so DON’T trade in your old/current 3DS/2DS. The process requires a computer, a MicroSD to SD Expansion Card (always sold as a pair) and of course the existing console + SD Memory Card. Use a computer to just copy everything to the new MicroSD Memory Card. After that, just run the Transfer Data App (In Settings) to complete the transfer. Whole process takes no more than an hour. Your eShop History, Themes, Digital Games and everything else and transferred over to the new console. Once the transfer is completed, the source console is factory resets. It IS a process that was only meant to be used ONCE, after all.

To the parents who may have been thinking of getting one, it’s kid-friendly. It has larger buttons and larger screens. The 2DS and the New 2DS are so-called because unlike the 3DS and New 3DS there is no “pop out” 3D. Aside from this they will BOTH play ALL DS, 3DS and New 3DS games perfectly fine.

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